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Where Does God Hang Out?


Isaiah 57:1. There are some places where God is more likely to be found. The prophet Isaiah under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit says there is a place where God dwells. We tend to want to meet God on our terms, on middle ground that is comfortable, but Isaiah cautions not to take God […]

“HEROES”; Samuel


I Samuel 8:4&5. Hannah is a great story of God’s kindness because she begs for a son and she becomes pregnant. She then gives that son to the Lord to serve Him as she promised she would do; his name is Samuel. Samuel lives with the priest Eli and his two sons. Samuel is trained […]

Your Part in the Miracles From Heaven


Matthew 7:7-11. There are some basic miracles that God has already appropriated for you but you have a part to play in the fulfillment of those miracles. We have a measure of responsibility and until we meet our responsibility the miracle goes unfulfilled. In this sermon Pastor Barry shares three miracles that God is waiting – […]

Just Because


7/18/10. (“O Worship the King” broadcast) Deuteronomy 7:6-11 Many times we make decisions, determine preferences, and decide on courses of action… just because. There is a fundamental conviction of the heart, and many times that conviction of the heart comes before anything else and so it is with God, there is no reason why God […]