Sermons from February 2020

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Build by Reading and Studying


James 1:19-25. How do you build your life on the solid foundation of the Bible? The answer is to look at the way God created you. God gave you five senses – hear, smell, see, taste, and touch. Everything you know in life comes through one of those five senses. That’s how you encounter life […]

Build by Hearing


Romans 10:17; James 1:19-25. Jesus ended the Sermon on the Mount, the most famous sermon ever preached, by telling a story. He says there were two guys that went out and they both built a house. But they built them on different foundations. One guy built his house on solid rock, the other guy built […]

New Beginnings


Acts 2:42. When the Church began at Pentecost it was devoted to certain things that resulted in explosive growth. Today, as our church celebrates its anniversary, we stand at the threshold of a new beginning…the beginning of our next 90 years. How some people see the church today is very different than the picture of […]

You Can’t Just Sit There


Mark 10:45. The common usage and understanding of the word “ministry” is that it is something professional clergy do. Biblically “ministry” is for every believer. The Bible says that there are a variety of ministries distributed to the entire body of Christ – the entire church. In other words, EVERY MEMBER A MINISTER. Serving and […]