Sermons from June 2019

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Guest Speaker Dennis Gaddis – Be Strong; And Do It!


Guest Speaker Dennis Gaddis. I Chronicles 28:9-10. God has something for us to do and in this sermon Dennis will share four things that will help us do it and do it well. 1. Get to know God for ourselves. 2. Do it with a blameless heart & willing mind. 3. Understand that God knows […]

Timothy, the Timid Pastor


Guest Speaker Dr. George F. Rhoades, Jr., Ph.D. 2 Tim 1:5-7. This message shows us God’s practical teaching on how to overcome anxiety in serving God. ABOUT GEORGE: Dr. Rhoades founded Roads to Hope in 2010, a non-profit humanitarian organization devoted to the research, education and treatment of trauma in a comprehensive manner from a […]

“HEROES”; Abraham


Genesis 12:2. God often uses the least likely people, ordinary people to accomplish His purposes. God wants to make a great nation and chooses Abraham and Sarah, a childless elderly couple with a questionable background. It doesn’t make the most sense, but when it comes to pass God gets the credit. Abraham’s story can be described […]

“HEROES”; Ezra


Ezra 3:1-3. In 538 BC, when fifty thousand Jews, prompted by God and freed by King Cyrus, make the 900-mile journey from Babylon back to Jerusalem the first thing they do is to get to work rebuilding the temple. At first, they are zealous and excited. But after a while, they lost their motivation. They […]