Sermons from January 2017

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Christianity 101


I Peter 3:18. In this sermon the plan of Salvation will be clearly presented. It’s not complicated. Even a child can understand it. But understanding the central message of the Christian Faith is not enough.  You can understand it and still go to hell.  The Bible says you have to do something with the Christian […]

Down-Side Up


Mark 10:35-45. “…Whoever wants to become great among you must serve the rest of you like a servant.” Mark 10:43 Some Pastors have found that if they only focus on the positive things found in God’s Word its easier to attract people and grow churches. The “Prosperity Gospel” has been a big hit in America, […]

Finding Hidden Treasure


Matthew 13:44-46. In Jesus’ day buried treasures were regularly found. Under threat of invasion, you hid your treasure. The people listening to Jesus’ parable about discovering treasure would have been able to relate well to such stories. There are really two parables, Jesus gives two ways we’re on a treasure hunt.  Some of us are […]

Jesus is Coming Again. Are You Ready?


II Peter 3:3-7. The Lord is going to return, and yes, we need to be ready. This is a central theme in the Bible. In this sermon Pastor Barry shares some facts about Bible prophesy that might surprise you…and motivate you to get ready!