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Guest David Pak – Does Man Live by Bread Alone?


Guest Speaker David Pak. Deuteronomy 29:1-9. Bread (daily provision) is certainly necessary to all humans, but those who live for it alone are like animals. It is not an overstatement to say that animals live for bread alone. But for the people of God what is more important than bread is to meet God and […]

Guest Speaker Dennis Gaddis – Be Strong; And Do It!


Guest Speaker Dennis Gaddis. I Chronicles 28:9-10. God has something for us to do and in this sermon Dennis will share four things that will help us do it and do it well. 1. Get to know God for ourselves. 2. Do it with a blameless heart & willing mind. 3. Understand that God knows […]

Down-Side Up


Mark 10:35-45. “…Whoever wants to become great among you must serve the rest of you like a servant.” Mark 10:43 Some Pastors have found that if they only focus on the positive things found in God’s Word its easier to attract people and grow churches. The “Prosperity Gospel” has been a big hit in America, […]

Worship in Spirit and Truth


“The Heart of Worship”: #2. Worshipping in Spirit and Truth. John 4:20-24. It is so easy to come to church and go through the motions. There’s a danger in rote repetition. People who do not have a growing personal relationship with the living God often focus on the externals of worship, but when a person […]

Effective Communication with God


(Video version is edited for Words of Life broadcast) In Mark 14:32-36 we discover four keys to effective communication with God. [Special Music, at the beginning and end of this broadcast is provided by Duane White playing the violin, accompanied by Carolyn Yanagida.]