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Triumph Over Temptation


Luke 4:1-13. One of the negative impacts of the pandemic has been more people struggling with, and yielding to, temptation. One of Satan’s most effective weapons, when it comes to temptation, is discouragement. Who among us has not felt discouraged in these past few weeks? Days? If you haven’t by some chance get ready, temptation […]

Dealing with Discouragement


Luke 19:41.  Many of the great personalities of Scripture experienced great discouragement. All of us have known it at one time or another. It is one of the most valuable weapons in Satan’s arsenal. Pastor Barry shares four practical steps you can take to overcome discouragement. With God’s help, focusing on these steps, you too […]

Rejoice in the Lord Always!


(Click here for second part of this recording) Philippians 4:4. As Christians we sometimes seem confused about whose team we’re on. Through our attitude and actions we, score points for the enemy of our soul. Satan has essentially one false hope to offer… “God will make you sad, but I will make you glad.” On the […]

The Unsettling News of Christmas


The Good Unsettling News of Christmas. Luke 2:25-35. The angel announced good news to the shepherds, (Luke 2:10) but that’s not the whole story.  Our reading of the Nativity often ends with verse 20. In the following verses, however is our first hint that this baby would grow up and shake things up.  This quake is the beginning […]