I Samuel 8:4&5. Hannah is a great story of God’s kindness because she begs for a son and she becomes pregnant. She then gives that son to the Lord to serve Him as she promised she would do; his name is Samuel. Samuel lives with the priest Eli and his two sons. Samuel is trained to become a priest and grows up to be a godly leader. As Samuel was getting up in his years all of the elders of Israel gather together and demand that Samuel anoint a King. Everyone thought all their problems would go away if they had a king. Everyone except for God. Samuel has the courage to warn them it is not a good idea and against God’s will, but they don’t care, specifically, they make three foolish choices.


We inherently feel the call to live for something bigger than ourselves, to become people who impact the world in a positive way. But many of us lack the faith to respond to that call. God is still using ordinary people to do extraordinary things for Him! In this sermon series drawing on the lives and faith experiences of ordinary people, Pastor Barry will encourage, inspire, and help us examine our lives and take practical, real-world steps to deepen our own faith and trust in God.