The Call to 24-7 Prayer…

…is an movement to get churches in Hawaii praying for Melenki  revival.  The goal is to get 31 churches to take a specific day of the month to mobilize the people in their congregation to pray for 24 hours.  The result would be someone in Honolulu praying 24-7!

UnknownFirst Baptist Church of Honolulu is responsible for the 24 hours of the second Monday of each month

Members and friends of FBCH are asked to cover the 24 hours of the second Monday of each month.  Please choose a one hour or 30-minute time slot that you can pray. If you can only pray for 30 minutes, find a partner to sign-up to take the other thirty minutes of your time slot.

Things to possibly pray for…

  1. Pray for your family, friends and neighbors
  2. Pray for your Pastor and other Leaders in the church
  3. Pray for the political landscape and any potential or current leaders.
  4. Pray for other countries, especially those that have been in the news recent or past months.
  5. Pray for repentance and for people and churches to return to their first love and doing more as was originally intended for us all.
  • In the above or other things pray whatever God puts on your heart.
  • Consider making a list and setting a timer for two or three minutes or more for some of your prayer focal points, such as a category or a certain person in your family.

​To use the sign-up page, simply click a timeslot you are interested in and submit the pop-up form that appears…    You may also SIGN UP in person, Sunday IN THE COURTYARD… Thank You to everyone who has signed up for this month, or for other months!!



Click on a time slot and submit the information requested. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!