The Call to 24-7 Prayer…

…is an movement to get churches in Hawaii praying for revival.  The goal is to get 31 churches to take a specific day of the month to mobilize the people in their congregation to pray for 24 hours.  The result would be someone in Honolulu praying 24-7!

UnknownFirst Baptist Church of Honolulu is responsible for the 24 hours of the second Monday of each month

Members and friends of FBCH are asked to cover the 24 hours of the second Monday of each month.  Please choose a one hour or 30-minute time slot that you can pray. If you can only pray for 30 minutes, find a partner to sign-up to take the other thirty minutes of your time slot.

What to pray for…



Click on a time slot and submit the information requested. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!