Sermons from October 2019

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Mark 14:27-72. The pages of the Bible are strewn with the wreckage of men and women who have failed in their faith. There is none more familiar than Peter’s, recorded in Mark 14. The God who wrote the Bible is a God of grace who wants us to profit from the experience of failure in […]



Job 19:23-25.  Although the book of Job deals with suffering it is more a presentation of the process Job goes through while dealing with his suffering.  He identifies the source of his suffering. He confronts his suffering.  Job’s triumph was not in the last chapter when God restores his wealth. Job’s triumph was the affirmation […]

Guest Speaker: Cris Pangaribuan


John 10:27.  Cris is the pastor of Journey of Faith Fellowship. Cris was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Born into a Christian family he served the Lord in the children and youth ministries.  He then moved to the USA after high school to pursue his music passion.   During that time his life’s direction […]