Sermons from October 2022

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Wrestling with the Rulers of Darkness


 Mark 5:1-20; Ephesians 6:12.  Satan and his demons are real and ultimately responsible for the condition of our world today. We are in a war. The battle is for the heart and soul of our nation, and all humankind. This battle is not fought with tanks and fighter jets for it is not a battle of […]

Guest Musician:  Wade Hammond. 

Wade has been traveling the US for 27 years in full time ministry sharing God’s love and saving power through music.  As a singer/songwriter Wade has earned 3 No. 1 hits through the Inspirational Country Music Association in Nashville. He has also been awarded ICMA’s Male Vocalist Of The Year and has been twice nominated […]

Preparing for the Trip You Must Take

Luke 12:13-34 Our preoccupation with stuff often keeps us from the deeper spiritual meaning of life. In today’s sermon Pastor Barry shares from the life of a successful businessman who prepared for all of life’s possibilities but ignored life’s only certainty. Sunday Bulletin Outside Bulletin 10-16-22 Inside Bulletin 10-16-22 Insert 10-16-22 Sermon Notes:  Sermon Notes […]