Sermons from December 2021

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Joy to the World


Joy coming into the world is connected to Jesus’ coming into the world, but why do so few experience it and what is it exactly? What did those who experienced great joy in scripture have in common? These are just a few of the questions Pastor Barry will answer in Joy to the World! Sunday […]

 Do You Have Your Own Guardian Angel?


 This is one of the questions Pastor Barry will answer as he seeks to separate truth from fiction regarding the role and function of Angels. Sunday Bulletin Outside Bulletin 12-19-21 Inside Bulletin 12-19-21 Insert 12-19-21 Sermon Notes:  Sermon Notes (Blanks) 12-19-21 Sermon Notes (Answers) 12-19-21 ANGELS FROM THE REALMS OF GLORY MINI SERMON SERIES DECEMBER 5TH, […]

Angels Among Us


In this sermon Pastor Barry will be sharing stories he has received from people who believe they have encountered angels. Sunday Bulletin Outside Bulletin 12-12-21 Inside Bulletin 12-12-21 Insert 12-12-21 Sermon Notes:  Sermon Notes (Blanks) 12-12-21 Sermon Notes (Answers) 12-12-21

Angels: What is Their purpose?  


In Revelation John writes about a vision he received. In it he witnessed an unfathomable number of angels singing a song of worship to Jesus. The most fundamentally important thing about angels is that they were created by God to serve God and Jesus Christ. Sunday Bulletin Outside Bulletin 12-5-21 Inside Bulletin 12-5-21 Insert 12-5-21 […]