Sermons from December 2023

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Guest Speaker: Lee Axtell – Laugh Your Way Into 2024


12/31/23  Laugh Your Way Into 2024.  Lee is a native of San Pedro, California.  He enjoys surfing, scuba diving and is a lifelong learner at golf.  He is a Navy Chaplain and serves at US Marine Corps Forces, Pacific in Honolulu. Lee is the President of our Executive Board.  He enjoys playing ukulele for the […]

(Fourth Sunday in Advent) A Visit From Herod the Great


LIVE ON  YouTube AND Facebook  SUNDAYS AT 10 AM Matthew 2:1-3.  King Herod (impersonated by Pastor Barry), returns to tell us the Christmas story from his perspective. 12/24 pm (Christmas Eve) Who Cares About a Baby Born in Bethlehem?  Luke 2:4-7.  Have you ever noticed that some things that really seem important at the time, if you wait awhile you realize they weren’t really […]

 (Third Sunday in Advent) The Unsettling News of Christmas


Luke 2:25-35. The angel announced good news to the shepherds, (Luke 2:10) but that’s not the whole story. Our reading of the Nativity often ends with verse 20. In the following verses, Simeon’s words are our first hint that this baby would grow up and shake things up.  This quake upsets the mighty and exalts […]

 (Second Sunday in Advent) Tis the Season to be…Lonely


Psalm 142.  Tis the season to be jolly! Not for some. Earlier this year the Surgeon General declared war on what he believes to be the #1 health threat of our day…Loneliness. In Psalm 142 David writes about his experience while in a cave feeling alone and depressed. From his words Pastor Barry shares how David worked […]

(Communion, First Sunday in Advent) The Unfamiliar Christmas Tree


 Matthew 1:1-2. When you open the pages of scripture to read the nativity story, way before you ever read of Jesus’ birth you read about Jesus’ Family Tree, the genealogy of Jesus. It’s very much a part of the Christmas story that starts in Genesis, continues all the way through the Old Testament to the […]