Sermons from October 2014

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Effective Communication with God


boiling (Video version is edited for Words of Life broadcast) In Mark 14:32-36 we discover four keys to effective communication with God. [Special Music, at the beginning and end of this broadcast is provided by Duane White playing the violin, accompanied by Carolyn Yanagida.]

Sermon Listening 101


1/31/10. (Video version edited for “O’ Worship the King” broadcast) PART 1  “…when I came to you, I did not come preaching God’s secret with fancy words or a show of human wisdom…” I Corinthians 2:1 The function of preaching is often misunderstood. In this sermon Pastor Barry shares what preaching is, what preaching is […]

Just Because


7/18/10. (“O Worship the King” broadcast) Deuteronomy 7:6-11 Many times we make decisions, determine preferences, and decide on courses of action… just because. There is a fundamental conviction of the heart, and many times that conviction of the heart comes before anything else and so it is with God, there is no reason why God […]