Sermons from May 2019

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Words of Life 04-04-1994

A blast from the past… Words of Life is a radio program produced and hosted by Barry Lovett while he was a pastor in Illinois. The one-hour program aired at 10:00pm in the early 1990’s; initially 4 nights a week on WKEI AM and then nightly on WJRE FM. The listener supported program featured Christian music and […]

(Memorial Day Weekend) “HEROES”; Joshua


Joshua 1:1-7. The Israelites are poised a second time to take the Promised Land. Joshua is now a seasoned warrior, so he knows this won’t be easy. He’s been in the land. He’s seen the walls. He’s seen their strength, but God tells him four different times, “Be strong and courageous”. God is preparing Joshua […]

“HEROES”; Samuel


I Samuel 8:4&5. Hannah is a great story of God’s kindness because she begs for a son and she becomes pregnant. She then gives that son to the Lord to serve Him as she promised she would do; his name is Samuel. Samuel lives with the priest Eli and his two sons. Samuel is trained […]

“HEROES”; Jesus (2)


John 11:25-27. If Jesus is who He says He is, the Son of God, to simply call Him a good man or a wise teacher is a slap in the face.  If He’s not the Son of God there are only two options; He is a lunatic or worse yet, a liar. Who do you […]