Special Music

http://theygotodie.com/wp On the Sundays soloists, instrumentalists, duets, instrumental ensembles, etc. provide “special music”. This  contributes so much to making our worship service meaningful each week. God has blessed this small congregation with a proportionately large number of very gifted musicians, but unlike some churches, where there is little or no opportunity to get plugged in, we will welcome you with open arms.032 (2) - Copy

Praise Band

Our Sunday morning worship service is a nice blend of the traditional and contemporary. Hymns, accompanied by the organ and piano,  an occasional responsive reading;  these are more traditional forms of worship that are part of our service.  The Praise Band brings that more contemporary feel as they lead a set of worship songs & choruses each Sunday. Our Praise Band consists of ukulele, bass guitar, key board, piano, Lyrica order form DRUMS and 3-4 vocalists.


The Praise Band rehearses Thursdays at 6:00 pm.  On Sunday mornings the Band meets at 9:20 am for a sound check and a quick run through of the morning’s set.