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THE INVISIBLE WAR Sermon Series continues

Many believers have no idea how much of their daily lives are influenced by the subtle deception and lies of our adversary. The Bible clearly teaches that Satan is on mission to destroy God’s people. And the problem is, Satan doesn’t announce his temptations and schemes. Instead, he’s very secretive as he attempts to lead Christians down a subtle, gradual path of deception. How can you defend yourself? How can you win this invisible war? In The Invisible War Sermon Series Pastor Barry shares what every believer needs to know about spiritual warfare in order to defend themselves against Satan’s daily attacks, and have the confidence of winning the invisible war.   

5/5 (Communion) The Invisible War: Fighting to Win. Ephesians 6:10-17. Today I want to introduce you to Spiritual Warfare 301. What do you do when there is a strong frontal attack, and you need to go from playing defense to offense. How do you do battle with the enemy and win. In today’s sermon Pastor Barry affirms four important facts about spiritual warfare and the scenarios that will likely intensify your engagement with the enemy.

5/12 (Mother’s Day) Mary, The Mother of Jesus. Luke 1:28 & 31. Of all the women in the world God could have chosen to be the mother of His child why did He choose Mary? What was it about Mary that caused her to find favor with God. In today’s sermon Pastor Barry gleans from scripture some of the characteristics that made Mary a good mother.

5/19 The Invisible War: God’s Armor The Sandals of the Good News of Peace. Ephesians 6:14-15. Today we will be talking about a firm footing that supports all the other armor. The firm footing comes from being prepared to share the Gospel which brings peace between man and God. Pastor Barry will share the Gospel and how that applies to you, and the importance of knowing you are saved and eternally secure in the everlasting arms of Jesus.

5/26 (Memorial Day Weekend) The Invisible War: God’s Armor – The Shield of Faith.  Today Pastor Barry will begin to unpack the next three pieces of the full armor of God. They are weapons for going on the offensive when the enemy is engaging you. The first one mentioned is “The shield of faith.”  The shield of faith is faith in God’s promises for a present victory. In this sermon Pastor Barry will share with us examples of the flaming arrows we can expect and what it looks like when we extinguish them. 

6/2 (Communion). The Invisible War: God’s Armor – The Helmet of Salvation

6/9 The Invisible War: God’s Armor – The Sword of the Spirit

6/16 (Father’s Day


6/30 The Self-Destruction of America