Pastor Barry is the speaker unless otherwise noted. mnemonically Schedule subject to change.

2/12 (Super Bowl Sunday) Winning the Super Bowl of Life (Part 2). I Corinthians 9:24.  From I Corinthians 9 Pastor Barry share the third and fourth of four principles for successful living – four prerequisites for winning at the game of life. 

2/19 Guest Speaker: Andy Quient


Every year during the days leading up to the resurrection of Jesus, many believers meditate on the depth of Jesus suffering a humiliating, bloody death by crucifixion. In this series Pastor Barry provides the opportunity for us to reflect on the intensity of Jesus’ love and suffering as he shares the seven last words Jesus spoke from the cross.

2/26 Seven  Last Words of Jesus; Forgiveness. Luke 23:24. “…FATHER FORGIVE THEM, for they do not know what they are doing.”   If you are living with regrets, secret shame and guilt you will find encouragement and hope in this sermon which focuses on God’s forgiveness, and what Jesus wants us to do with the guilt-producing sin in our lives.

3/5(The Lord’s Supper) Seven Last Words of Jesus; Assurance.

3/12 Seven Last Words of Jesus; Love.

3/19 Seven Last Words of Jesus; Substitution.

3/26 Seven Last Words of Jesus; Trust.

4/2 (Palm Sunday) Seven Last Words of Jesus; Humility.

     4/6 (Maundy Thursday)  Holy Week Service

4/9 (Easter) Seven Last Words of Jesus; Victory.

“JOY NO MATTER WHAT” Sermon Series

Philippians is the most joyful book in the Bible. it is literally full of joy. The words joy, glad, enjoy, rejoice, happy & happiness are used in various forms seventeen times, and there are only four chapters!  It’s the happiest book in the Bible. What’s amazing about the happiest book of the Bible is that it was written by Paul while he was in prison in Rome which goes to show you can experience JOY NO MATTER WHAT!

4/16 Joy No Matter What: Strange Beginnings

4/23 Joy No Matter What: 

5/7 (The Lord’s Supper) Joy No Matter What:

5/14 (Mother’s Day)

5/21 Joy No Matter What:

5/28 (Memorial Day Weekend) Joy No Matter What:

6/4 (The Lord’s Supper) Joy No Matter What:

6/11 Joy No Matter What:

6/18 (Father’s Day)

6/25 Joy No Matter What:

1/29/23 The Just Shall Live By Faith. Romans 1:17. On the Christian Calendar each year is Reformation Sunday, observed the last Sunday in October. In this sermon Pastor Barry introduces Martin Luther and shares how his life was transformed by the realization that, “the just shall live by faith”. Speaking about that verses’ impact on his life Martin said, “When it broke in upon my soul, I was filled with such peace and certainty of eternal life that my entire life was transformed.” And no wonder, very few have worked for their salvation as hard as Luther did. Martin Luther simply brought to light again the grace of God and why it is so amazing. His passion and devotion to this realization was so radical it sparked the Reformation.