• The families who lost the loved ones on 9-11 terrorist attacks. Submitted by Carol W
  • The healing of Gary’s right leg pain. Submitted by Tony
  • Carol’s sister, Lori, for the leukemia treatment. Submitted by Carol W
  • Kathy K. and her family who have caught Covid. Submitted by Melissa
  • Jack to be released from drug and alcohol problem and to receive Jesus. By Melissa
  • Healing for all those who need it, and protect our intimate relationship with the Lord. Submitted by David C
  • Ron Young’s family as they lost his mom Bartha last week. Submitted by Ron & Carol


  • …FBC Men’s Bible Study.  Submitted by Tony
  • …Continued health for Andrew’s family.  Submitted by Tony
  • …God’s blessings on David C., Norm and Ricki, Karl, Craig, Jose, and Ryan.  Submitted by Tony
  • …Healing for Ricki’s mouth and her right eye.  Submitted by Norm
  • …Complete restoration of Norm and Ricki’s condo.  Submitted by Norm
  • …Arleen who is not feeling well.  Submitted by Joan
  • …Healing for Danny J. from the power of nicotine.  Protect him from the enemy.  Put your angels around him in Jesus’ Name.  Submitted by David C.
  • …The families of the fallen soldiers who so bravely helped to evacuate so many from Afghanistan.  Submitted by Gigi
  • …Those soldiers suffering from PTSD will seek and receive the cares they need.  Submitted by Gigi
  • …Ron’s mom, Bertha H.Y. Young, who suffered a stroke recently.  Submitted by Ron
  • …Jammie’s daughter Maria, in Texas, who recently had a birthday.  Submitted by Jammie


  • …Sandra’s green card to be approved.  Submitted by Sandra.
  • …Medalyn and Chris – for health issues of be solved.  Submitted by Sandra.
  • …Suitable placement of Brandi’s father in a care home. Submitted by Sandra.
  • …David to practice kindness with his co-workers, family, and friends.  Submitted by David.
  • …Masurleem and his family to be rescued from Afghanistan as their lives are in danger.  Submitted by Lee and Paula.
  • …Healing of Ricki’s mouth so she can continue dental procedures.  Submitted by Norm.
  • …The people of Afghanistan especially for families where young girls have been taken by the Taliban.  Submitted by Carol W.
  • …Frances’ son, James, in the hospital with COVID on Maui.  Submitted by Frances.
  • …All people, especially Christians, who suffer under Islamic Sharia law or Communism.  Submitted by Norm.
  • …Gary G. who will be having back surgery.  He thanks everyone for their prayers.  Submitted by Gary G.
  • …God to win hearts and souls during the pandemic and heal those afflicted by COVID.  Submitted by Tony.
  • …The medical teams caring for COVID patients.  Submitted by Tony.
  • …Anyone in our congregation with medical needs who need God’s healing.  Submitted by Tony.


  • Praise the Lord! We have hired a new church secretary.  She will start September 1.  Submitted by Carol W.
  • …Gary G. who will be having an MRI to enable doctors to decide what procedures will be needed for his back and injured right leg.  Submitted by Dianne.
  • …Brandi’s father who now is a ward of the state as he is unable to care for himself.  Pray for a good care home to be found for him.  Submitted by Sandra.
  • …Mindy L. who is suffering from lung cancer.  Submitted by Melissa.
  • …Aaron, Rodney, and Leslie in care homes.  Submitted by Melissa.
  • …The Americans left in Afghanistan and the Afghan people as the country is being taken over my Islamist extremists.  Submitted by Carol W.


  • …the people of Haiti after the terrible earthquakes.  Submitted by Sharon.
  • …the Lebanese people challenged by natural disasters and ineffective government with a lack of electricity and food shortages.  Submitted by Sharon.
  • …Afghanistan as the extremist Taliban Islamists take over the country.  Submitted by Melissa.
  • …Khadijah and her two children who are under spiritual oppression from relatives.  Khadijah is not a Christian.  Submitted by Khadijah via the internet.
  • …the end of COVID infections.  Submitted by Crystal.
  • …the Vo family as they gather support and prepare to be Global Servants in Vietnam.  Submitted by Sharon.
  • …Gavyn who has heart problems and a blood clot on his heart.  Pray for strengthening of his heart and the dissolving of the blood clot.  Submitted by Gavyn via the internet.
  • …Carol’s sister, Lori, as the lymphoma has touched her kidneys and liver.  Pray that her red blood cells will increase.  Submitted by Carol W.
  • …Maria P. as she visits several states on a business trip.  Pray for her safe return to Texas.  Submitted by Jammie.
  • Praise the Lord; The Hines’ insurance company has put them in a nice hotel while their apartment is being fixed from flooding.  Submitted by Norm.
  • …Tammy gives thanks to the Lord for the joy he gives.  Submitted by Tammy.


  • …Paula’s cousin, Shirley, in the hospital, that she receives healing and salvation.  Submitted by Paula.
  • …Jose and his wife, Sherry, as they vacation in Alaska and New York with family. Submitted by Tony.
  • …Scott to stay strong while in a drug recovery program and find strength through prayer.  Praise  the Lord for the comfort He gives to the broken-hearted and weary.  Our God is an Awesome God.  Submitted by Gigi.
  • …Ken’s care family to let him come to church again.  Submitted by Carol W.
  • …Norm and Ricki to find a rental while their home is being restored from flooding.  Submitted by Tony.
  • ….Andrew and Sarah as they care for son Charles after his recent surgery.  Submitted by Tony.
  • …The Men’s Bible Study to grow and for God to bless them with wisdom as they study the Word.  Submitted by Tony.
  • …Christians in Afghanistan who face increasing danger as the Taliban take over the country.  Pray for God’s grace in the face of these perils.  While the threats are constant, the Church remains.  Submitted by Carol W.


  • …Healing for Ricki’s right eye and the pain in her jaw.  Give her dentist wisdom and skill.  Submitted by Norm.
  • …Baby Charles, recovering from recent surgery.  Pray for healing and for his mom and dad.  Submitted by Ron.
  • …Norm and Ricki whose apartment was flooded from a plumbing leak.  They need to find a new rental.  Submitted by Ron.
  • …Dianne who suffered an attack of vertigo last Sunday.  Submitted by Gary.
  • …Gary G. that his doctors would find the right treatment for his leg.  Submitted by Ron.
  • …Arleen, suffering from end-stage cancer and has been having stomach troubles.  Submitted by Joan.
  • …Zachary Fong, suffering from lymphoma, that his chemotherapy is successful and that he will have endurance during treatment.  Submitted by Ron.
  • …Eric and Bethany for emotional and physical healing in their marriage.  Submitted by Eric vis internet.
  • …Billy A.’s marriage and for their sons to be protected from their family’s problems.  Submitted by Billy via the internet.


  • …Melissa’s friend who lost her father, a former Air Force officer and father of several children. Submitted by Melissa.
  • …Leslie, Ken and Aaron in care homes. Submitted by Melissa.
  • …That Gary G. would get approval for neurosurgery. Praise the Lord he is now able to get around bit better. Submitted by Gary G.
  • …Ella and Faye whose mother fell again in a rehab facility. Pray that they can find a good care home for her. Submitted by Crystal.
  • …Kai who is recovering from a skull fracture from a surfing accident. Submitted by Crystal.
  • …More of our people to donate grooming items to the River of Life collection we are taking up through August 1. Submitted by Carol W.
  • …John who suffers from financial problems which affects his health. Pray for answers to his problems and for the evangelism efforts of John and his church. Submitted by John via the internet.
  • …Our Men’s Bible study. Submitted by Tony.
  • …Baby Charles who undergoes a surgical procedure this week. Submitted by Tony.
  • …Jose’s needs on the Big Island where he and Sherry recently moved. Submitted by Tony.
  • …Ryan to find a church to worship at. Submitted by Tony.
  • …Roy Y. for physical and physical strength as he continues dialysis. May the Lord strengthen him. Submitted by Carol W.


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