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Fear Easter Not the Pandemic


Mark 16:1-8.  The women who first witnessed the empty tomb were fearful. Pastor Barry shares why they were afraid and suggests we should be more afraid of Easter than we are the pandemic. Yes, there are reasons to fear Easter but for each of those reasons there is a flip side that causes that fear […]

Principles for Godly Parenting


Deuteronomy 6:1-23. Before entering the Promised Land, Moses gives counsel to parents on how to raise their children in their new home. The Promised Land is a land of affluence – orchards, fine cities, and luxurious homes, spiritually however it is decadent and bankrupt, not too different from our current historical and cultural setting. In […]

Why Christmas?


John 18:37. Why did Jesus come to earth? Don’t miss the purpose of Christmas.  It’s not about what’s under the tree.  It’s about the man who hung on the tree. He loves you.  And God wants to adopt you into His family. Many people celebrate Christmas year after year but have never accepted God’s gift […]