Sermons from July 2019

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“HEROES”: Jesus (3)


Matthew 5:1-2. The ministry of Jesus was only three years, but in those three years He set a course that would change the history of the world. So how did He do it? When Jesus began His earthly ministry, He starts talking about a kingdom, a kingdom that is coming. He invites people to be […]

“HEROES”: Joseph


Recording part 1… Recording part 2… Genesis 50:20. One word can summarize Joseph’s early life…disappointment, lots of it. Many times, it’s our own bad choices that bring heartbreak disappointment and terrible consequences. What’s worse is Joseph has done nothing to deserve the terrible things that happen to him. But even in the midst of disappointment, […]

Guest Joao Nascimento – Taking Our Limitations to Jesus!


Recording Part 1… Recording Part 2…   Guest Speaker Joao Nascimento. Matthew 6:30-34. We all have a calling, and are important in God’s plan to expand His Kingdom. Pastor João will share things that will help us to take all our assets to Jesus. 1. Everyone who serves on God’s harvest has seen the work […]

Guest David Pak – Does Man Live by Bread Alone?


Guest Speaker David Pak. Deuteronomy 29:1-9. Bread (daily provision) is certainly necessary to all humans, but those who live for it alone are like animals. It is not an overstatement to say that animals live for bread alone. But for the people of God what is more important than bread is to meet God and […]