Sermons by Pastor Barry

Building Upon the Firm Foundation of God’s Word: By Understanding the Meaning of a Passage (III)


John 15:1-17. How can you understand the correct meaning of a text?  Pastor Barry will continue to illustrate how you discover what a passage means and what it doesn’t mean. Sunday Bulletin Outside Bulletin 8-14-22 Inside Bulletin 8-14-22 Insert 8-14-22 Sermon Notes:  Sermon Notes (Blanks)  8-14-22  Sermon Notes (Answers) 8-14-22 SERMON SERIES “…everyone who hears these […]

Building Upon the Firm Foundation of God’s Word: By Developing Good Study Methods.


(Live on Sundays at 10 AM on YouTube and Facebook) Philippians 2:19-30. In the previous sermon Pastor Barry shared four categories of questions you ask in every good Bible study…observation, interpretation, correlation, and application. Today he will illustrate how you do this using a random text. Sunday Bulletin Outside Bulletin 6-05-22 Inside Bulletin 6-05-22 Insert 6-05-22 Sermon Notes:  […]