Sermons from November 2020

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Preparing for the Trip You Must Take


Luke 12:13-34  Our preoccupation with stuff  often keeps us from the deeper spiritual meaning of life. In today’s sermon Pastor Barry shares from the life of a successful businessman who prepared for all of life’s possibilities but ignored life’s only certainty. SERMON BEGINS AT 15:53

God is Speaking. Are You Listening?


Exodus 6:1-9. There are times in our lives when our circumstances are so difficult, we don’t hear what the Spirit of the Lord may be saying to us. When suffering we long for a word from God and God speaks, but somehow the volume of our pain and the intensity of our struggle drown out […]

Surviving Changing Times


Daniel 2:20-21. With ever-advancing technologies today’s news comes at the speed of light revealing more and more complicated lifestyles, violence in our streets, high pressure politics, and morally corrupt leaders. Makes you long for the Good ol’ Days. Every generation has remembered and longed for the simpler times of the past. And no wonder! These […]