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Sunday Morning Worship Service



  • …Pray for family of their 95-year-old grandmother, Alice, who recently died.  Submitted by Melissa.
  • …Remember Christy H. who has been given 5 months to live.  Submitted by Melissa.
  • …Pray for a local family, the Constantinos.  Their daughter Elianna suffers from a fatal genetic disease but got a transfusion of her mother’s stem cells while still in her womb.  She is the first baby to be given the treatment in a clinical trial.  Submitted by Carol.
  • …Thank you for every man and their position as father, daddy, dad, provider of strength and love without end.  Submitted by Gloria.
  • …Remember the Persecuted Church around the world. Submitted by Dianne.
  • …BJ will be having an electrocardiogram and a thyroid test.  Pray for doctors looking at them.  Submitted by BJ.
  • …Praise for Rich (San Diego) who is miraculously free from cancer. Submitted by Paula.


  • …music jobs for Jazzy as the world recognizes her God-given talent.  Submitted by Jody.
  • …Six-year-old Jameson is receiving a bone-marrow transplant from his sister to treat his cancer. Pray for a successful procedure.  Submitted by Jody.
  • …Melissa’s niece’s  husband, Thomas, has had 4 major brain surgeries after a fall. Pray for his wife, Maria, who is overwhelmed by their circumstances.  Submitted by Melissa.
  • …Remember Leslie and Aaron in care homes.  Submitted by Melissa.
  • …BJ’s daughter-in-law, Jessica, who is being treated for gallstones.  Submitted by BJ.
  • …Remember Pastor and Jody as they vacation on the mainland and visit his grandmother who will soon be 100 years old.  Submitted by Sharon.
  • …the US Supreme Court that they will agree to hear florist Barronelle Stutzman’s case. She refused to supply flowers for a same-sex marriage and has been sued by the ACLU and the state of Washington.  She stands to lose both her business and home as a result of the suits.  Submitted by Carol.
  • …RJ who was passing by the church last Sunday and talked to Lee and Paula. Submitted by Axtells.


  • …Mark who had a stroke June 2, that he would heal and come to the Lord. Submitted by Kayleigh.
  • …Jackie has asthma and is on steroids but not doing well.  Submitted by Lour.
  • …Pray for Glenda and her family at the death of her father.  Submitted by Axtells.
  • …Pray for Kelvin in Kenya who is being sponsored by David C.  May God put protection around him.  Submitted by David Chock.
  • …For BJ, waiting for the doctors to tell her the results of recent tests.  Submitted by BJ.
  • …BJ’s daughter-in-law, Jessica, is being treated for gallstones.  Pray for her healing. Submitted by BJ and Carol.
  • …Pray for Ken’s care family.  Submitted by Ken.


  • …Pray for our military members who serve around the world.  Submitted by Carol White.
  • … Diane’s friend, Ken, has cancer that is spreading.   Submitted by Dianne.
  • …Pray for the leaders of our city, state, and country that they will listen to God’s voice to guide them in their decisions.  Submitted by Dianne.
  • …Remember Sheryl who will be having surgery to remove a polyp – that it will be benign rather than cancerous. Submitted by Carol.
  • …Pray for people on the Big Island – for God to keep them safe and that the volcanic eruption will stop.  Submitted by Dedy.


  • …Pray for the Good News Jail and Prison Ministry and for spiritual growth of all prisoners.  Submitted by Dianne.
  • …BJ had a heart monitor on for 48 hours and won’t know the results for about 3 weeks.  Submitted by B.J
  • …David needs to get a health checkup.  Submitted by David.
  • …Last Sunday, we prayed for Mihaina and her daughter.  Both felt better at noon. Submitted by Lour
  • …Pray for Cindy and Doug who are moving to Oklahoma.  Submitted by Melissa.
  • …Pray for all who do not know Christ, that they may be saved before  the Rapture.   Submitted by ???


  • …Pray for Melissa’s niece, Maria, and her husband, Thomas.  He suffered an accident and is comatose.Pray for successful recovery and finances.  Submitted by Melissa.
  • …Kevin thanks to the congregation for prayers as he recovers from a stroke.  Submitted by Kevin.
  • …Mihaina has breathing problems and dizziness. Also pray for Jeralyn, Mihaina’s daughter (and Lan’s mom) who was taken to the emergency room Sunday morning. Submitted by Lour.
  • …For Lan’s mom to receive Jesus and for healing.  Submitted by Lan.
  • …3 churches in Indonesia were bombed with several deaths and many injured.  Pray for Christians Indonesia who suffer at the hands of the majority Muslims.  Submitted by Carol.

Requests From…

Wednesday Night Bible Study Group



  • …Pray for BJ’s daughter-in law who has gall stones.  Submitted by Melissa.
  • …Sandra P’s mother-in law is recovering from surgery.  Submitted by Melissa.
  • …Kaui is running for a seat on the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) board.  Submitted by Kaui.
  • …Pray of Leila’s mother, son, Tony, and her boyfriend, Van.  Submitted by Leila.
  • …Continue to pray for the Persecuted Church.  Submitted by Sharon.
  • … Ken had a doctor’s appointment Friday.  Pray for his health needs.  Submitted by Ken (and Carol)


  • …Pray for Ken who lives in BJ’s building; his father is in the hospital; Ken is a believer.  Submitted by Melissa.
  • …Thanks to our Lord God for our blessings and bless us with continual peace and success.  Submitted by Kaui.
  • …Pray for Ken’s caregivers.  Submitted by Ken.
  • …Pray for missionary Dan Buttry who has cancer.  Submitted by Sharon.
  • …Pray for Doug and Cindy Wilson as they relocate to Oklahoma.  Submitted by Sharon.
  • …Thank you, Lord Jesus, for Who you are.  Submitted by Jose.
  • …PTL for BJ/s new great-granddaughter, Rosemary. Submitted by Melissa.


  • …Pray for victims of Hawaii’s natural disasters.  Submitted by Sharon.
  • …PTL – we are about half-way to making 800 Christmas Child boxes.  Submitted by Sharon .
  • …Bless the Hawaii-to-Israel project.  Submitted by Kaui.
  • …Mahalo to our Lord God for blessings.  We pray for peace and to do the Lord’s will.  Submitted by Kaui.
  • …Leslie has moved again. Pray that this will be her last move.  Submitted by Melissa.
  • …Pray for the recovery efforts in Kauai and the Big Island.  Submitted by Melissa.
  • …Pray that I find a new job.  Submitted by Lan.


  • …For Linda (27 yeas old) who is sick.   Submitted by Anonymous.
  • …Mathew’s brother was in a car accident.  Submitted by Anonymous.
  • …PTLfor the good price we got on stuffed animals.  Submitted by Sharon.
  • …Sharon had a good talk with a neighborhood business woman.  Submitted by Sharon.


  • …Thank God for Connie’s sister, Keun, who has been baptized, attends church, and goes out to tell people about the Gospel.  Submitted by Connie.
  • …Jim Ward is in the hospital and is not doing well.  Submitted by Melissa.
  • …Gloria’s Brown’s son-in-law is undergoing his last chemotherapy.  Submitted by Melissa.
  • …Gloria Brown has some lumps in her throat which need to be looked at. Submitted by Melissa.
  • …BJ has a lot of doctor appointments coming up.  Submitted by Melissa.



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The Prayer Cloud



…Leslie, who lives in Hilo Hawaii and had a heart transplant last year and is caring for his elderly father. Submitted by Andy O.


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