Requests From…

Sunday Morning Worship Service



  • …Pray that none of our loved ones get “left behind”.  Submitted by Anonymous.
  • …For B.J. to get the financing for new glasses.  Submitted by BJ.
  • …Mihaina has health problems.  Submitted by Lour.
  • …Thanks for a perfect day for the March of Dimes “March for Babies.” Submitted by Dianne.


  •  …Remember the Persecuted Church around the world where Christians are dying for their faith almost daily.  Submitted by Carol and Dianne.
  •  …Continue to pray for lost loved ones.  Submitted by BJ
  •  …For Leilani’s family and friends in need. Submitted by Leilani.
  •  …Pray for those who are suffering in Syria’s civil war..  Submitted by Dianne.
  •  …Pray for former First Lady Barbara Bush who has stopped further treatment and will be in hospice care at home.  Submitted by Melissa.
  •  …Pray for joyful giving and good stewardship of our time and resources.  Submitted by Axtells.
  •  …Pray for Larry and Ruth.   Submitted by Lee.


…Remember lost loved ones that they may come to Christ.  Submitted by BJ

…Thank God for our church family!  We pray that we would see Your Kingdom come here to Honolulu and the island a little more each day. Submitted by Axtells.


  • Praise for God’s protection when Paula and Piper’s car broke down in an intersection.  Submitted by Paula A.
  •  …Kevin F., Marlene’s son,  who suffered a stroke Saturday morning, and is in the hospital.  Submitted by Pastor
  •  …For love and peace in Tess’ home.  Submitted by Tess
  •  …BJ’s granddaughter, who has blood clots in both legs.  Submitted by Carol W.
  •  …For Denise who suffered a stroke. Submitted by Carol W.
  •  …Remember those who have lost loved ones this past year; that Easter may bring them peace.  Submitted by Melissa R.
  •  …Remember Rodney, Leslie, and Aaron.  Submitted by MelissaR.

Requests From…

Wednesday Night Bible Study Group



  • …Pray for Jose’s family that they will accept the Lord.  Submitted by Jose.
  • …We need to find a good way to transfer money to a ministry in Malaysia.  Submitted by
  •          Sharon.
  • …Thanks to our Lord for blessing and miracles daily.  Submitted by Kaui.
  • …For Raymond’s continued healing after a serious illness with diabetes.  Submitted by Patrick.



  • …Kirk’s brother is going through an unwanted divorce.  No hope of reconciliation.  Submitted by Kirk.
  • …Mahalo to Lord God for countless blessings and for those in-store,  Submitted by Kaui.
  • …Praise for a good collection for the chairs for the Muyinga church.  Submitted by Sharon.
  • …P.T.L for finding a great bargain on stuffed animals at Walmart.  Submitted by Sharon.
  • …Pray for Amia who has been sick.  Submitted by Gregory.
  • …Continue to pray for Joz’s brtoher, Rodney.  Submitted by Joz.(Jose)


  • …For Rick, Gloria Brown’s son-in-law, diagnosed with cancer. Daughter Valerie has been approved by her insurance company to get a new hearing aid, Son Haywood is recently back to work and getting physical therapy. Submitted by BJ.


  • …Allie A., who is sick and on 2 medications.  Submitted by Paula A.
  • …friends who have passed on:  Louis and Corradine.  Submitted by Kelly.
  • …Mahalo to our Lord God for all our blessings. We ask for Thy continued grace. Submitted by Kaui A.
  • …For Ken E’s care family.  Submitted by Ken E.
  • …persecuted Christians and for Holocaust survivors.  Submitted by Sharon D.
  • …Sharon’s son-in-law’s mom, who is in the hospital but is not well.  Submitted by Sharon D.
  • …a friend who is sick and seems to be losing faith.  Submitted by Melissa R.
  • …Pray for BJ’s and Gloria Brown’s families.  Submitted by Melissa.
  • …Remember Aaron, Leslie, and Rodney.  Submitted by Melissa.

Requests From..

The Prayer Cloud



…our dear friend in San Diego, Rich G, as cancer has returned. Thanks Prayer Warriors! Submitted by Paula A.

…Rodney M. who has type 4 skin cancer, we have an update that he is in kemo therapy. Please keep praying for him that he will get full healing from cancer. Thanks for. Your support God bless. Submitted by Bernard and JJ


…our good friend Rodney ‘Mac’ M. who has type 4 terminal cancer,  for the cancer to be gone and our friend be fully healed and back to normal again. thanks and God bless you all for your prayers amen. Submitted by Bernard B.


…two very special ladies in Illinois that are diagnosed with cancer and given no hope of chemo.  I believe our GOD is a healer! I am asking that your church congregation join in praying for these ladies and please please pass this to all church leaders you can everywhere. Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU! Submitted by Donna T.


Requests From/For Missions & Missionaries