Requests From…

Sunday Morning Worship Service



  • …my friends, Judy and Shirley, who have medical challenges.  Submitted by Greg.
  • …Norma, who is in Queen’s hospital with swelling in her brain and seizures.  Pray that the doctors will be able to treat her.  Submitted by Anonymous.
  •  …Crystal’s mother, Lily, who was in the ER last Saturday with a high fever.  Submitted by Jody.


  •  …the health of Joseph’s family.  Submitted by Joseph.
  •  …Leslie and Aaron in care homes and Rodney at home.  Submitted by Melissa R.
  • …the people of Indonesia who suffer the effects of a tsunami.  Submitted by Melissa R.


  • …Indonesians after the terrible tsunami hit last week. Submitted by Melissa R.
  • …Indonesian Christians who face persecution.  Submitted by Carol W.
  • …Celow’s  grandmother who has stage-4 cancer.
  • … the Bill Paul family, Bill is a former member of FBC who died last Saturday.  Also please pray that Keiko, Grace, and Tom accept the Lord Jesus as Savior.   Submitted by Sharon D.
  •  Jamie, as she has left for Japan where her sister recently passed away.  Submitted by Karl B.
  • …Keiko, Grace, and Tom accept the Lord Jesus as  Savior.  Submitted by Karl B.
  •  …victims of human trafficking.  Submitted by Lan R.


  • …Tyler McMurtry, who is facing serious back surgery and needs to find a skilled surgeon in Honolulu.  Submitted by his mother, Suzanne.
  • Thank you for praying for my sister, Keiko, who recently passed away. Submitted by Jamie P.
  • …our country.  Submitted by Dianne O.
  • …BJ, who has injured her foot.  Please also pray for her son, Jay, who is also having foot trouble.  Submitted by Melissa R.
  • …for Makiko’ mother, in Tokyo, who is 96 and who is experiencing the on set of dementia.  She is a Christian but suffering from depression. Pray for her spiritual and mental peace.  Pray for Makiko and her brother, also a Christian, to provide strength, wisdom, and encouragement.

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Wednesday Night Bible Study Group



…strength to do God’s will. Also pray for healing for my sister  in Haiti. Submitted by Joz.

Jan. 13


Bev fell and hit her head and back.  Pray for a quick recovery.  Submitted by Jody.

Requests From..

The Prayer Cloud



…Ashley Esperanza, who is gravely ill with Leukemia. Her father is a pastor in Downey, CA. Some of you may recall that we made an appeal for funds for Ashley when she was first diagnosed with Leukemia. The funds and prayers were well received. In fact, Ashley got better, was in remission, and was close to being called “cancer free.” Then, it came back. She is a sick young lady. We’ve been in touch with her doctor (with the parents’ permission) and the prognosis is not at all good. But, when the doctor’s do not have hope, we do. Hope was expressed at a beautiful prayer meeting for Ashley. Ashley’s mom, Lorena, was so joyful in the Lord-one would never expect that she was carrying such a burden. The meeting was at the church and Ashley, tired, but all smiles, joined us from the hospital via “FaceTime.” Let’s keep hope alive for this sweet family. First and foremost, pray. Then after you have prayed, pray again. Please. Please.

Also, a tangible expression of hope would be for you to make a donation to the family. Although many of the medical expenses have been covered or deferred, the bi-vocational salary of Pastor Gabriel has been decreased because he has needed to take significant time off from work to be with his family at this critical time. Would you (and possibly your church) consider making a donation to ABCOFLASH? I hope it goes without saying that 100% of the funds will go directly to this family in need. In fact, there is an anonymous donor who will give up to $5,000 dollars in matching funds. In other words, if we raise $5,000 from you or your church, the family will receive $10,000. I hope that is a minimum figure they receive. I won’t go into details, but trust me, they need more. If you could only do one thing, either give or pray, I would ask you to pray. (Again, please.) God will raise the help that is needed. I am grateful that we have a God who provides and who heals. I am also grateful to be a part of the ABCOFLASH family. Submitted by Andy Quient, Acting Executive Minister of ABCFLASH  Please Note: If you want to donate contact Pastor Barry and he will give you the details.

…Dakota Miller, an 18mo old baby! He got ahold of a nail gun..😥 They had to life flight him. He shot him self and he’s on life support. Forward this to everyone you can please! It’s really appreciated. Submitted by a friend. Thank you.


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