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Sunday Morning Worship Service



  • …thanks for prayers for David’s family for the passing of his sister.  Submitted by David C.
  • … the legislature’s opening and protection from any legislation harming churches and crisis pregnancy centers.  Submitted by Carol W.
  • …Dan and Sarah Chetti as they return to their ministries in Lebanon, .  Submitted by Carol W.
  • … the Tyler family whose father was killed in the Montecito mudslides and for his injured brother.  Submitted by the Axtells.

  • 1/7/18
  • …David C. and family.  He lost his sister last week.  (Submitted by Lee A.)
  • …Ken’s care family.  (Submitted by Ken E.)
  • …Jim Ward (87) after a heart attack and Bobbye (85) who fell and hurt her back.  (Submitted by Melissa R.)
  • …Carol W’s high school friend, Dave, having breathing problems as well as other health needs. (Submitted by Carol W.)
  • …Danny K. (Dianne’s ohana) very ill with pancreatic cancer.  (Submitted by Dianne O.)


  • …Rodney who is at home sick.
  • …Lace L. who has suffered severe muscle spasms but is on the mend.
  • … Praise the Lord for someone donating baby equipment which will be delivered to the Aloha Pregnancy Care & Counseling Center in Kaneohe.
  • …Debbie, who is in hospice care with end-stage cancer. Also pray for her husband, Russell.


…Cindy W’s lung problems.  Submitted by Jody L.

…Gloria B’s father-in-law, Herman B, Sr. (97). He is in hospice.  Submitted by BJ

… healing, peace, and spiritual health for our congregation in 2018.  Submitted by Sheryl R.


  • …Jammie’s sister who suffered a stroke; she recently accepted Christ.
  • …Jammie’s stress levels.
  • …thank God for answered prayer…David C. has a new job!
  • …BJ’s son-in-law’s family who just lost their mother.
  • …all those who will be traveling during this holiday season.
  • …Lour’s brother-in-law who has a liver problem.
  • …those who will not have a good Christmas season because of homelessness, abusive situations, addiction problems, and other situations.


  • … Praise for Ron’s mother, Bertha, who celebrated her 93rd birthday on Dec. 4.  Submitted by Ron Y.
  • …  those struggling in relationships.
  • …  Unspoken prayer for Gary.  Submitted by Lee A.

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Wednesday Night Bible Study Group



  • …thanks for blessings and a New Year.  Submitted by Kaui.
  • …the Californians affected by the recent mud slides.  Submitted by MelissaR.
  • …Melissa’s Chinese “adopted dad” who just celebrated his 99th birthday.  Submitted by Melissa R.
  • …Sharon, who will be traveling to Israel; witnessing to Holocaust survivors.  Submitted by Sharon D.
  • …Patrick to overcome anxiety and depression from illness. Submitted by Pastick.
  • …U.S. military members to have peace while they sleep.    Submitted by Patrick.


  • …Cynthia, who has health needs.  (Submitted by Cynthia)  Not “our” Cynthia
  • …Sharon fell from a ladder but did not get hurt.  (Submitted by Sharon D.)
  • …The mission partners in Muyinga, Burundi.)  (Submitted by Sharon D.)
  • …The Persecuted Church around the world.  (Submitted by Sharon D.)
  • …Gloria and Denise who are living on the street.   (Submitted by Melissa)



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