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Sunday Morning Worship Service



  • …Joel needs healing in his marriage and forgiveness for his past behavior. Submitted by Joel via the internet.
  • …Pastor Barry injured the discs in his neck. Pray for healing. Submitted by Carol W.
  • …Lovett’s daughter, Brianna, is expecting her second baby, due in December. Pray for a safe delivery. Submitted by Carol W.
  • …Aaron Brown, a long-time church friend is in the hospital. He had some toes removed and has been in a long-term care facility for some years. Submitted by Carol W.
  • …Tony and Sandra to draw closer as a couple. Submitted by Tony.
  • …Tony’s son, Thad, and his girlfriend, that the Word of God may grow in their hearts. Submitted by Tony.
  • …Jose and his wife, vacationing on the Big Island. Submitted by Tony.
  • …Tony’s mother who had a diagnostic procedure this week. Keep her safe in your loving hands. Submitted by Tony.
  • …The President-elect and the incoming administration that God’s will would be done; bless the United States. Submitted by Connie.


  • …Lovett’s friend in Illinois, Dick, has esophagus cancer.  Pray for his healing and for his wife, Carla.  Submitted by Jody.
  • …Jody’s friends’ son, Jason, has cancer.  Pray for the treatments to work.    Submitted by Jody.
  • …Jody’s nephew, Andrew, and his wife are planning a family.  Lord, please bless them with desired health and fertility. Submitted by Jody.
  • …God to give us a good President to lead the nation.  Submitted by Connie.
  • …The religious liberty of churches, adoption agencies, religious hospitals, and schools. Submitted by Carol.
  • David’s finances after being laid off his job.  Pray for his former boss to successfully bid for new jobs so David can be hired back.
  • …President-elect Biden and Vice President Harris.  Lord, heal our divided nation and unite Americans for Your glory.  Submitted by Tony.


  • …David Chock who was recently laid off from his job. 
  • …the Church in Algeria which has existed since the Roman empire.  The government is shutting down churches and erasing Christian history.  The government has called evangelical churches “dangerous.”
  • …the people of India where there has been extensive flooding and political turmoil.


  • …our nation and the 2020 elections.  May God move us as a nation.  Elect a good President and new Mayor for Honolulu.   Only God can bless America.  Submitted by Connie.
  • …God’s guidance and giving us wisdom in voting.  Submitted by Tony.
  • …the improvement in Linda’s health; her cancer has stabilized and her kidney function has returned to normal.  Neither of these outcomes were expected!  We have the deepest gratitude for the prayers for Linda.  Submitted by Ro.
  • …Tanji’s Auntie who is going through cancer treatment.  Pray for peace and hope for her family.  Submitted by Tanji.
  • …the salvation of Linda R.’s family and to keep them in good health.  Submitted by Linda.
  • …Pomai and his family.  He has leukemia and also needs surgery to remove a large cyst on his pancreas.  Pray for complete healing.  Submitted by Kim L.
  • …Christopher who is having a difficult time emotionally with illness.  Submitted by Kim L.
  • …the fire situation in Colorado, north of Denver.  May the snow this week help.   Submitted by Marla.
  • …Glenda’s healing from the pains and tiredness from her chemotherapy.  Submitted by Glenda.
  • …Lynnae’s co-worker who is anxiously waiting her test results; pray that the treatments are working and the cancer has not spread. May she receive Christ during this challenging time.  Submitted by Lynnae.
  • …the mother of one of Lynnae’s co-worker whose has returned home and is bedridden. Pray for strength for her family as they have to administer home care.  Pray for the mom to receive Christ.  Submitted  by Lynnae.


  • …Gwen’s brother, Vincent, who is in the hospital on the Big Island. Submitted by Gwen.
  • …Glenda’s Auntie Jeri is in severe back pain. Doctors are recommending surgery. They are waiting on God for the right solution. Submitted by Glenda.
  • …Those who don’t know Jesus. May they come to know his love. Submitted by Lan.
  • …Lorena H’s mother who took a wrong dose of blood pressure medicine on Oct. 6. She is out of the hospital and her vitals are good. Submitted by Sandra.
  • …William V. who had a direct bypass on the left side of his brain. Because of COVID, no one can be with him in the hospital. Pray that he feels God’s presence and healing. Submitted by Sandra.
  • …Dianne’s sister-in-law who has a heart condition and had to go to the hospital recently. Submitted by Dianne.
  • …Tony’s friend, Ryan, looking for a new place of worship. We pray that Ryan, a Christian, will be led to FBC. Submitted by Tony.
  • …Sung, who is returning to California after a 6-week stay in Hawaii. Pray for his health and safety. Submitted by Tony.
  • …Lan, who passed her police test. Guide her and protect her through all the plans You have for her future. We love and praise You! Submitted by Leah. 


  • …Cynthia S. who cut her finger and needed 5 stitches. Submitted by Sandra.
  • …Tony’s friend, Ryan. May the Lord introduce him to a fine woman and, in turn, may Ryan treat this woman with respect and honor. Submitted by Tony.
  • …Tanji’s auntie and her family as she is going through treatment for cancer. Submitted by Tanji.
  • …Pray for one of Tanji’s co-workers and her family as her uncle recently died. Submitted by Tangi.
  • …The family of Vincent Sullivan who was killed recently in a stabbing here in Makiki. Submitted by Joan.
  • …Lan, who passed her physical fitness test for the police academy. May the Lord be with her; provide a hedge of protection and a crown of wisdom so Lan can serve and protect. Submitted by Tony.

9/27/20 – 10/11/20 

  • …Spiritual and physical protection for Marie, Raewyn, and Dean who live in an area with strong occult activity. Submitted by Marie via internet.
  • …Kelly’s Uncle Bob who faces physical difficulties but recently got his unemployment insurance checks. Submitted by Kelly D.
  • …Freda McCurley – to have clear directions for ministry. Submitted by Freda.
  • …The safety of police officers on the mainland. Over one dozen has been murdered and many more injured during this season of unrest and riots. Submitted by Carol W.
  • …A decent and respectful hearing for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett and for our own Senator Hirano to be more dignified. Submitted by Carol W.
  • …Everybody to be safe and healthy. Submitted by Connie.
  • …Crystal and Kerry as they prepare for life together. Submitted by Crystal.
  • …Celine Nelson suffered an aneurism on Oct. 1. Submitted by Crystal.
  • …Tim’s family as they mourn his death from cancer. Submitted by Joan.
  • …Lan to pass her physical test for the Police Academy. Submitted by Lan.
  • …All the pastors and churches that are struggling due to COVID.
  • …Mary Fatima Mohammadi is the voice in Iran for Christian human rights. She continues to speak up despite threats of prison and floggings. Submitted by Carol W.
  • …Marlin, in New Jersey, who suffers from pancreatic cancer. Submitted by Dianne.
  • …Sandra’s brother, Wilfred, in Singapore, who is not working now. Pray the Lord will direct his paths and show him the plans He has for Wilfred. Submitted by Sandra.
  • …The small businesses, including Sandra’s, that are suffering during all these lockdowns. Pray for her friend, Tui, for peace and guidance as his business only has an on-line presence. Submitted by Sandra.
  • …LJ as she starts her own interior design business. Submitted by Sandra.
  • …Our country. Submitted by Melissa.
  • …Melissa’s relative who seem to be coming “out of the closet.” Submitted by Melissa.
  • …Melissa’s finances. Submitted by Melissa.
  • …The Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court as they consider important cases impacting religious freedom, free speech, and the sanctity of human life. Submitted by Carol W.
  • …Those affected by the constant lockdowns and financial worries that have resulted in suicide, child and spouse abuse, drug abuse, and the isolation and fear that may have far more lasting effects for the majority of people. Submitted by Dr. George Rhodes.
  • …Dr. Rhodes’ nephew who recently committed suicide. Let us all step back and look at our relationships so our friends and family know we love them even if we may disagree with their life choices. May our actions attract others to the Lord and all He offers them. Submitted by Dr. Rhodes.

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