Sermons from September 2023

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(Singles Day)  One is a Whole Number. 


(Live on Sundays at 10 AM on YouTube and Facebook) Genesis 2:18, Mark 3:31-35. Singles make up more than half of the U.S. Adult population. Half of our church membership is made of singles, yet we hardly ever talk about singleness. In fact many Christians are insensitive to the needs of singles. Have we made Genesis 2:18 (It is not good […]

Joy No Matter What: Too Blessed to be Stressed (2)


Philippians 4:1-13. In Philippians 4:14-20 the apostle Paul gives insight into three more ways you will benefit when you’re a giver and not a taker. In fact Paul’s promise that “…God will take care of everything you need,…” v.19 is tied to generosity. When you are generous…4. It strengthens your faith. 5. You are investing in your eternal home. […]

Joy No Matter What: Too Blessed to be Stressed.


 Philippians 4:1-13. Stress is rising worldwide. If you want to lower the stress in your life the principles found in Philippians 4:6-13 are guaranteed to work. God says, ““If you do these things you will experience God’s peace…” v.7 (LB) There are six things that are a pre-condition to the guarantee. If you want to keep from stressing […]

 (Communion, Labor Day Weekend) Your Work Matters to God


Genesis 2:15. Three out of four people go to a job they’re not fitted for, called to, excited about, or satisfied in. For many laborers work is a necessary evil. How does God view work? God created work not as punishment but as a means by which you express your unique calling as God’s co-worker. […]