1Yr_Home_Pastor“Do not fret because of evil men or be envious of those who do wrong…do not fret – it leads only to evil.” Psalm 37:1&8. Sometimes a person becomes so distraught about evil in the world that it results in his own downfall.  In Psalm 37, David warned us about this problem. Three times he used the phrase “fret not” in relation to frustration with the wrongs around us. First, we must not become unduly upset when we see the wicked getting away with their sinful practices. Second, we should not become angry when these same people prosper. Third, we must not let a resentful mood cause us to act wickedly ourselves. Dear friend, if resentment has filled your heart because others are getting away with wrongdoing, you’re on dangerous ground.  Confess you sin and recommit your life to the Lord.  Ask Him to give you the perspective of eternity and – fret not. Beware: anger is just one letter short of danger.