1Yr_Home_Pastor“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35. This universally known saying contains a truth that is often overlooked…receiving is also a blessed experience.  Our Lord said that one response is more joy-producing than the other, but both are commendable, and both are blessing. We respect someone who takes responsibility for his life and tries not to be a burden to others. But consider for a moment what would happen if every needy person in the world – and that includes all of us – refused help.  There would be no opportunity to give! This devotional message today is not for freeloaders. But it is for everyone who finds it difficult to be the recipient of the help of others.  Can we graciously accept a gift? Or do we say, “No thank-you!” If that’s our response, pride may be keeping us from the great blessing of receiving and denying others the greater blessing of giving.  Thoughtful giving deserves thankful receiving.