Members added in 2022

Ursela Belschner

Ursela was born in Germany. Prior to moving to Hawaii 47 years ago she lived in California, and before that Canada, and Seattle. It was through her friendship with Sonnie Kerr, and out of curiosity, that she began attending FBCH in the fall of 2021. She has been faithfully attending ever since. The first time she attended Ursela says the first thing she noticed was how kind and friendly everyone was. Ursela has just recently accepted Christ and was baptized. About that she says, “I had been thinking about it for a while, and I was ready.”

Kerry Bise

Kerry was born in Ewa, Hawaii and has spent his whole life here except for the 6 years he was in the Army. During those years he was stationed in Italy and San Francisco. Kerry is married to Crystal who has been a member of  FBCH for many years. They were married by Pastor Barry in October 2020. In 1973, having accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior, Kerry was baptized. His home church is the United Church of Christ Congregational Church in Ewa where his family as attended for generations, and where Kerry has been active in serving in a variety of different capacities.  Currently Kerry is serving as the Director of Support Ministries here at FBCH. Kerry is retired from the Honolulu Police Department where he served as a policeman for 25 years.  Kerry was previously married to Latitia Cabere for 22 years before she passed away from breast cancer. They had two sons. In his spare time Kerry is an avid golfer, and volunteers for a number of worthy causes.

Gary Chong

Ruth Chong

Scott Miguel

Scott is the brother of Gigi Friedfel and Sabrina Miguel, also members of FBCH. Scott was born in Hawaii and has lived most of his life here except for a few years in Connecticut and New Jersey. It is only recently that Scott began attending FBCH, but he remembers attending a Baptist Church on the windward side as a child. He shares, “My life was pretty messed up until I accepted Christ as my Savior. Through Christ I have found hope for a better, happier life.  I love learning and growing in my faith”. In the short time Scott has been attending FBCH he has gotten involved in our Hula Ministry, attends the Men’s Bible Study and volunteers frequently.  Playing music, singing, writing stories, exercising, and reading are a few of the things Scott enjoys doing in his spare time. He works for Project Vision Hawaii as a peer support counselor and as a community out-reach worker. Scott was baptized at Ala Moana Beach Park on November 27, 2022.

Sabrina Miguel

Sabrina was born at Tripler Hospital. She has lived her whole life in Honolulu. Through the influence of her sister, Gigi Friedfel, Sabrina began attending FBCH in November of 2021.  She accepted Christ and was baptized as a child. She says, “FBCH is not like other churches I attended. It is like a family.”   Sabrina is retired from working in janitorial services. She has become quite active at FBCH helping with our OCC Shoebox ministry each week, Dancing in our Hula Ministry. She spent many hours helping with our rummage sale this past summer. You will find Sabrina faithfully attending services here on Sunday Mornings and Wednesday nights.  In her spare time she enjoys working with ceramics and crafts. Sabrina’s brother Scott is also a new member (above).

Sara Dewhurst

Sara was born in Grande Prairie, Alberta, and has lived in various other places in Canada prior to moving to Honolulu with her husband Pierre-Oliver Parise’ in July, 2021. Sara first attended FBCH in September of 2022 because she was looking for a place to worship God closer to home and felt God led her here. She says, “I felt very welcomed here and liked the small family feel. What I liked most was the singing of hymns & praise music and the sermons based on the Bible.”  Sara is a new believer having just recently accepted Christ. She was baptized November 27, 2022, at Ala Moana Beach Park. She explains, “I knew that the old way of managing my life without Jesus wasn’t working. I was searching for deeper meaning to life and true peace.”  In her spare time Sara enjoys cooking, hiking, and playing music. In the past she was a Yoga instructor. Sara has a beautiful voice and has become quite active in our music ministry singing in athe Praise Band and providing special music. She has a sweet, kind spirit that has endeared her to many in our congregation already.

Members added in 2021

Frances Faria

Fran, as she is known here at FBCH, accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior 11 years ago (2009), when drug use had brought her to the end of her rope. Fran says she knew she needed God’s help. She was born in Honolulu and has never lived any where else.  Fran started attending FBCH about 4 years ago (2017) when she moved into the apartment building next to the church. She said, “I came one Sunday to check things out, and I really liked it. The things that first caught my attention was the Praise Band and the Pastor’s sermons, but the thing I like the most is the people. It’s a very friendly and welcoming congregation.”  Fran says she feels really good about her life now.

Geisele Friedfel

Gigi, as she is known here at FBCH began attending FBCH in November of 2020. She lives in the neighborhood and was first attracted to the church through the messages on our Church Sign, but says the thing she likes most is the sincerity of the Pastor, his wife and church members. Gigi has been a Christian since 1964. She was born in Alaska and has also lived in Florida, New Jersey, California and New York before settling in Hawaii 25 years ago.   Gigi is a Grief Recovery Specialist and an author. Her most recent book is “A Promise to My Angel”. Visit her website at

Norman Hines

Norman was born in Portage, Wisconsin. He has also lived in Michigan and California. He and his wife Ricki (also a new member, see below), moved to Hawaii in February 2021 to be closer to their son and grandson. Providentially they live less than one block from the church and they attended because, as Norm says, “It was the closest church!”  Well, as it turns out FBCH was the first and only church they visited. “We immediately liked the cozy size and nice people.”  Norm is a teacher.  He especially enjoys History and has been a Christian for nearly 50 years.

Ricki Hines

Ricki is married to Norman (also a new member, see above). She was born in Saigon and has also lived in San Jose, CA,  She and Norm moved to Hawaii from Lancaster CA.  Ricki accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior 20 years ago (2011) when, as she says,  “Jesus performed a miracle for me.”  The thing Ricki noticed first about  FBCH was, “how pretty it is.”  Ricki enjoys gardening but the thing you will discover early on after meeting her is her strong belief in prayer.  It is not uncommon to see Norm and Ricki huddled up with one or two others praying after the worship service on Sunday.

Craig Inouye

Through the influence of Crystal Bise and the Paduas Craig began attending FBCH in October 2020 because the church he had previously attended was not open for in-person worship due to the pandemic. The thing he noticed first about FBCH was that it reminded him of his church back home; back home being Long Beach, CA. Craig was born there and lived there for about 30 years. For a short time he also lived in Cerritos and San Francisco.  Craig accepted Christ and was baptized while in college. He explains, “All of my friends were Christian and attended the the same church.”  He claims he is not a musician but has been occasionally joining the Praise Band playing the ukulele and more recently has taken up Bass Guitar. One of the most distinctive things about Craig is his athletic feats.  Pastor Barry says, “Craig is the only person I know that gets up early on Sunday mornings and runs 14 miles before coming to Church, and for that he deserves a medal.”

Members added in 2020

Sandra Padua

Sandra was born in Singapore, but has lived in Hawaii for the past 35 years. Sandra accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior at the age of nine. This was largely due to the influence of her cousins with whom she attended Sunday School and church from an early age. Sandra and Tony began attending FBCH in January of 2019 through the influence of long-time friend Crystal Bise, but prior to that Sandra attended the Women’s Bible Study which is taught by Crystal. She continues to be part of the women’s Bible study and also sings and plays ukulele in the Praise Band.  Sandra says, “One of the things I appreciate most about FBCH is how this small church does so much in the community and missions”.  She and her husband Tony are always quick to lend a helping hand where ever there is a need. Through their kindness and generous spirit they have endeared themselves to many in our family of faith.

Tony Padua

Tony was born in Hawaii and has lived here his whole life. A graduate from the University of Hawaii, Tony has a BA in Asian Studies and is a certified medical coder at Kapiolani Hospital. He plays ukulele and sings in our Praise Band. Tony  enjoys hiking, native-watching, and weight & cardio training. He teaches our men’s Bible Study, and is one of our most recognized members as he opens and closes our worship service each week and welcomes worshippers.  Tony and his wife Sandra began attending FBCH in January of 2019 through the influence of long-time friend Crystal Bise. Tony says, “I enjoy the simple, yet practical message each week from God’s Word.”  Tony  is a real “Barnabus”; one who is always encouraging others.

Members added in 2019

Joan Ishimura-Lauw

Joan has lived her entire life here in Honolulu, having never left the island. Joan is married to Dedy Lauw who is an active member of FBCH and who also works at the church part-time. They celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary on Sunday, April 14th, 2019.  Joan is a graduate of McKinley High School. Her favorite subject in school was science.  She also enjoys playing tennis. Joan began attending First Baptist Church of Honolulu in 2016 at the invitation of her mother, Arlene, who is a member of FBCH and who also works here part-time. Joan says she has been blessed by all the people she has met here and that she really enjoys studying the Bible. Joan accepted Christ as her personal Lord and Savior several years ago through the witness of her friend Tammy. Joan was baptized Easter Sunday 2019.

Members added in 2018

IMG_6829Matthew Agulta

Matthew was born in Saipan and lived there until about a year ago when he moved to Hawaii to be with family here. He has been attending First Baptist Church ever since.  Matthew is a  7th grader at Washington Middle  School where his favorite subject is Language Arts and he is on the basketball and football teams. In his spare time Matthew enjoys fishing, hiking, playing cards and other games.  It was largely through the influence of Matthew’s grandmother, Mehina Osilek that he accepted Christ and was baptized on June 10th. Two of Matthew’s cousins were also baptized that day.  Mehina has been a faithful member of First Baptist Church for many years. But he also notes that the people at church are “kind, loving and caring”.

IMG_6930Jacquline Coffey

Jacquline has attended First Baptist Church of Honolulu all her life, having been dedicated to the Lord here by her parents as a new-born. Currently she is a 7th grader at Stevenson Middle School. Her favorite subject is math but she has many other interests including ukulele club, theater, wrestling club and cross-country. Jackie loves animals and loves to sing. She hopes to one day be part of FBCH’s worship team. Unlike many young girls her age she does not like sweets. When asked what she likes most about First Baptist Church, her answer is the people.


Lindsey Dean

Lindsey is not only one of our newest members she is also one of our newest attenders. One day just a few weeks ago Lindsey was walking her dog (a Maltese) by the church, as she would often do, and decided  she would visit. She came the following Sunday and has been coming ever since. What is especially unique about Lindsey’s story is that previous to her first visit to FBCH she had never attended a church service before in her life. She has truly jumped in whole-heartedly…already attending the 101 and 201 Discipleship Classes. She accepted Christ Saturday, June 9th and was baptized the following day. Lindsey was born and raised in Massachusetts but has also lived in Vermont, New York, Florida and Rhode Island. She loves to travel and her job as a general manager of an international retail store has provided opportunities for her to go to China, Japan, the UK and France. She transferred to Hawaii two years ago and is working at Ala Moana shopping center.

IMG_6828Leah Meippen

Leah was born in Saipan and lived there until about a year ago when she moved to Hawaii to be with family here. She has been attending First Baptist Church ever since.  Leah is a  7th grader at Washington Middle  School where her favorite subject is math. Leah enjoys Tahitian dancing, hiking and swimming.  It was largely through the influence of Leah’s grandmother, Mehina Osilek, that she accepted Christ and was baptized on June 10th. Leah’s cousin and brother were also baptized on that day.  Mehina has been a faithful member of First Baptist Church for many years. Leah says she really enjoys the praise and worship time on Sundays and that she wants to learn more about God so she can teach others.

IMG_6827Micah Meippen

Micah was born in Saipan but has lived with his family here in Hawaii now for about five years.  He has been attending First Baptist Church from the beginning.  Micah is a  9th grader at Roosevelt High School. He enjoys playing volleyball, going to the beach and playing all kinds of different games. He hopes to go to college following high school graduation. It was largely through the influence of Micah’s grandmother, Mehina Osilek, that he accepted Christ and was baptized on June 10th. Micah’s cousin and sister were also baptized that day.  Mehina has been a faithful member of First Baptist Church for many years.

*Bryan PopeBryan Pope

Bryan accepted Christ when he was eight years old, but had many ups and downs through much of his spiritual journey including bouts of alcoholism, drugs and homelessness. After years of futile effort to gain self-control, he says, “I finally came to the painful but heartfelt conclusion that I no longer had anything left to offer, drinking or sober. This was the honesty I needed to accept God’s direction and make a real change.” Bryan has found a home here at First Baptist Church of Honolulu and lends his musical talent to the Lord through our Praise Band as lead guitarist. To read Bryan’s full testimony [CLICK HERE].

 IMG_6538 2Jose Exavier

Jose was born and raised in Haiti. Jose and his wife Sherry met while she was vacationing in Haiti. They moved to Honolulu in June of 2017.    She is a native of Southern California and is a OBGYN at Kapiolani Hospital for Women and Children and also at Queens Hospital. Jose accepted Christ in 2016 and was baptized here at First Baptist Church October 2017. Jose’s love for the Lord and His Word is obvious.  He faithfully attends the adult Sunday School class and also the Bible Study on Wednesdays.  He leads a small group that focuses on prayer.  Jose found us (FBCH) online and from the first time he attended in July of 2017 he says, “I knew this was the church for me!” Jose is an avid soccer fan and enjoys playing soccer as well.

IMG_6359Kirk Larsen

Kirk was baptized by immersion as a young child and has rededicated his life to the Lord in his youth and as a young adult. Before moving to Hawaii seven years ago he lived in Oklahoma and Colorado.  Kirk works in construction. In his free time he enjoys traveling, radio-broadcasting, literature and the arts (especially music and film). Of all the things that we could share about Kirk none is more important than His love for the Lord and His Word. He is a passionate student of the Bible.


Jamie Parker

Jamie began attending First Baptist Church of Honolulu fourteen years ago when her daughter, Maria was in “Mrs. Lovett’s third grade class at Hawaii Baptist Academy. She and Maria have been faithful attenders ever since.  Jamie accepted Christ about the time Maria was born while attending another church on the island but was just recently baptized by immersion.  Jamie attends the Women’s Bible Study on Saturday mornings and serves on the Matthew Squad. (Counting the offering on Sunday mornings). Her daughter, Maria, is a student at UH.

IMG_6663Sheryl Runions

Sheryl is a native of Michigan, growing up near where Pastor Barry was a pastor before moving to Honolulu. After living in California for about 9 years she moved to Hawaii where she has lived for the past 26 years. She began to attend First Baptist Church of Honolulu shortly after Pastor Barry began as pastor. It was when she reached out to the church in a time of need that the church was able to help her and she has been attending ever since. Three years ago she accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior and was baptized this past Easter Sunday morning (April 1st, 2018). For many years Sheryl worked as a waitress.  She considers herself an amateur artist but it has been some time now since she has been able to paint due to her handicap and health issues. When asked what she likes most about coming to church she is quick to respond, “Pastor Barry’s sermons.” and she then adds, “I love my Church!”

IMG_6717Henry J. Wakukawa

Henry was born in New York City and raised in Honolulu, this retired baby boomer survived a massive brain aneurysm, a heart attack and cancer. He and his wife, Makiko, cannot thank the FBCH family enough for the prayers during his cancer treatments and surgery. God listened. He was baptized on Easter Sunday in 2018 by Pastor Barry whose sermons Henry so loves. He has found his home and is no longer lost. He has three children (Alyssa, Dawn and David Wakukawa) and one step-son (Dell Simpson), all of whom have grown and become professionals. In an empty nest at home, Henry spends his time, reading newspaper articles and periodicals on politics and the economy to his heart’s content, except for occasional meowing and sometimes hissing disturbances from his wife’s cat Pua. Makiko, serves on our Executive Board as Treasurer.



Members Added in 2017

IMG_6354Gregory Adam Alvarez

IMG_6336It was during the invitation, at the close of our worship service, that Gregory responded to accept Christ as his Lord and Savior. He was baptized on Easter 2017. This follows the several Sundays that he has been attending First Baptist listening to the Word of God each week. He states that through his faith he is finding the strength to become a better husband, father and man. Greg is married to Chaz, and they have a daughter, Alia, pictured above. Gregory works as a waiter and enjoys coaching wrestling and football, helping the needy and counseling.


David Chock

David has been a Christian since he was a teenager. Over the years since then he has been involved in a number of Bible studies becoming quite knowledgable of God’s Word. Currently he is progressing through the Discipleship Classes here at FBCH and attends Lee and Paula Axtell’s small group. David has two adult sons that live on the mainland.


Clancy Douglas Keef

Clancy accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior at the close of our very first worship service this year, Sunday, January 1st, 2017.  He was baptized the following Sunday. It was through the invitation of friends late last fall that he first began attending First Baptist Church. He has been seeking every opportunity to grow in his new found faith. Clancy is an accomplished artist.

Members Added in 2014

 2015-01-25 13.52.47Karl Bast

Karl was a teenager when he accepted Christ. He enjoys fishing, motorcycles, shooting, and history.  Karl is not hard to miss when you come to worship on Sundays, just look for the tallest person in the sanctuary. Karl has also been a faithful participant in the Sunday Morning small group taught by Crystal Lancaster.

2015-01-25 14.00.59 Martino Glandelious

Martino is a relatively new believer having accepted Christ in 2010. He was baptized at our sister church, Trinity Missionary Baptist Church. Martino has a heart for ministering to the most needy among us.

2015-01-25 13.38.49Sherrie Hitchcock

Sherrie accepted Christ as a young girl. She is married to Walter. They have 4 children. Sherrie likes to do crafts, swim and take care of her 6 cats.

2015-01-25 13.14.17

Dedy Lauw

Dedy has recently accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior, and is looking forward to being baptized. Dedy is married to Joan. His mother-in-law, Arlene Mistich is also a new member of FBCH. Both Dedy and Arlene work at First Baptist to help keep the facilities clean and the landscaping looking nice. Dedy has recently become involved in helping with the audio/visual ministry on Sunday mornings.

2015-01-25 13.50.35

Arleen Mistich

Arlene just recently commited her life to Jesus. She is married to Anthony and has a daughter, Joan. Her son-in-law Dedy Lauw is also a new member of FBCH. Both Arlene and Dedy work at First Baptist to help keep the facilities clean and the landscaping looking nice.


Michelle Morales

Michelle accepted Christ as a young child. She has had experience teaching Sunday School and leading worship.  Michelle attended our Women’s Bible Study and served on our Fellowship and Worship ministry teams.

2015-01-25 13.56.52

Amanda (Kita) Pola

Kita accepted Christ as a young girl but recently re-dedicated her life to Christ. She enjoys singing and playing musical instruments. She is the drummer in our FBCH Praise Band.  To read Kita’s testimony [CLICK HERE]