Mostly old list of contacts from Appearance > Theme Options > Contact Form

Church Office,
Dr. Barry D. Lovett (Senior Pastor),
Ron Young, Moderator,
Jasmine Skurtu (Jazzy),
Jean Hartmann, Treasurer,
Eric Torres, Director of Worship, worship@
Dianne O’Steen, Director of  Fellowship, fellowship@
David Chun, Director of Discipleship, discipleship@
Sharon Dumas, Director of Missions, missions@
Carol White, Director of Support Ministries, support@
Prayer Requests,
Ed Shaw, Webmaster,

The first comma needed to be replaced by ( ) around the titles

To check on:

Makiko Wakukawa, Treasurer, (left as this for now)

— or or some other address?

Do the email addresses like really exist or should we use all personal emails (actually should it be if anything? if so there is a misprint on the directory for the office email)

— I have put personal email addresses for all but office ( as follows…  These should be tested and verified by the owner of the email addresses.

Church Office,
Dr. Barry D. Lovett (Senior Pastor),
Ron Young (Moderator),
Crystal Lancaster (Vice Moderator / Clerk),
Makiko Wakukawa (Treasurer),
Eric Torres (Director of Worship),
Dianne O’Steen (Director of  Fellowship),
Lee Axtell (Director of Discipleship),
Sharon Dumas (Director of Missions),
Carol White (Director of Support Ministries),
Jazzy Skurtu (Praise Band Leader),
Roy Yanagida (Chancel Choir Director),
Prayer Requests,
Ed Shaw (Webmaster),