How long will you forget me, Lord ? Forever? How long will you hide from me?… I sing to the Lord because he has taken care of me. Psalm 13:1&6 

In recent days I have found myself somewhat weary in doing good to those whose attitude seems to convey they couldn’t care less. When this martyr complex sets in I struggle with questions like, “How long shall we help those who show no appreciation? How many times must we bless those who curse us? How long shall we give to those who prove by their actions they are indifferent or, by their attitude, convey they expect it?”

Jody helped me answer these questions and gain a new perspective by asking me a few questions… “How long has God been patient with us? How often has He helped me when I’ve shown no appreciation or forgot to give thanks? How long does God, when confronted by our disobedience, continue to be patient, kind and merciful?

Is our doing good contingent upon the response of those who are the object of our benevolence, or is it strictly a matter of doing what is right in the eyes of God regardless of the circumstances? We dare not stop helping others until God stops helping us.