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Roddy Chong…

is a remarkably accomplished Asian American violinist and speaker known for his high-energy performances and his humble, faith-based lifestyle.  One of the world’s premier violinists, Roddy has played with many of the music industry’s most recognized acts, including a season when he toured with Shania Twain and Celine Dion at the same time.  He has performed for audiences around the world, including the President of the United States, the Queen of England, the Pope, Oprah and countless other notable figures.

Roddy’s real resume, however, begins much closer to the heart—in the pursuit of accelerating God’s purposes in life, performing more effectively for the Lord, and helping others expand the boundaries of what God can do through them.



Where it began…

Roddy’s early career exposed him to the real meaning of determination, as God forged character in his heart.  Typical rock bands weren’t posting jobs for Chinese violin players and country music acts weren’t exactly recruiting either.  Yet, Roddy prayed and pushed.  He continued praying.  As he climbed over each hurdle, he soon found himself realizing that his unique presence was, in fact, a God-given strength.  Simply getting bands to allow him to audition, however, required perseverance—constant communication to let them know he was passionate about the project—and a dedication to mastery.  Roddy knew that when he played the violin, it had to be the only performance they would remember.

“Who would have thought of a Chinese man in a country music band?  Only God!” ~Roddy Chong

As Roddy’s music career progressed, so did opportunities for him to share the lessons he had learned along the way.  He not only found himself performing on stages with legendary musicians and in front of international audiences, but he also became a sought-after speaker.  The high-energy performance style, scrappy “job-seeking” abilities, and straightforward “show them that you want it” attitude that won him favor in the music industry soon caught the attention of corporate America.



As it progressed…

Roddy, determined as always, saw this as an opportunity to share his knowledge with people who may be facing their own hurdles, performance anxieties, or misguided perceptions about true potential.  By intertwining artistic abilities, creativity, and a passionate attitude with a candid, truth-driven message, Roddy has crystallized a virtuosic speaking experience.

Realizing that God had allowed him to discover a new purpose in his career, Roddy welcomed the challenge of revamping his life so he could help others make the most of theirs.  None of this would have been possible without prayer, the truths found in the Bible, and the leadings of the Lord.  That’s why speaking and sharing with churches and faith-based groups are Roddy’s best events.

His messages have generated responses like:

“Roddy shared his very deep and unique experiences with God, which turned out to be a great blessing for the people in our church.”

“Unexpected.  The testimony that he brought definitely helped people take steps forward in their spiritual journey.  Thank you Roddy!”

“People were excited leading up to Roddy’s phenomenal music and message.  We had an attendance even higher than our last Easter Service!”


Still touring occasionally with various bands such as Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Kevin Costner & Modern West, Roddy now spends most of his time speaking to faith-based and corporate organizations and conference audiences around the world.  This includes serving with Discipleship Unlimited—a prison ministry based in Gatesville, TX.

To see Roddy performing with his violin on stage, click here.

Roddy graduated with a B.A. in Telecommunications and African American Studies from Indiana University.  He lives in Los Angeles, CA.

His musical touring and guest spot credentials include: Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Kevin Costner & Modern West, Gary Sinise & Lt. Dan Band, Lonestar, SheDaisy, Kelly Clarkson, and Brian McKnight.

Roddy has also toured and performed with many Christian music artists, including: Chris Tomlin, Jars of Clay, Rebecca St. James, and DC Talk.