c276f9cb-0a9d-4034-b252-9582c82cdfbbThe Rev. Samuel S. Chetti is the Executive Minister of The Region of American Baptist Churches of Los Angeles, Southwest and Hawaii Baptist Churches. This association of  American Baptist Churches is made up of more than 280 churches and missions whose members represent over 104 countries with preaching and worship services conducted in 45 different languages. He is the first Asian-American Regional Executive Minister of the American Baptist Churches.

  • 1970- Temple Baptist Church youth minister. In the same year, he established a Coffee House Ministry in down town Los Angeles,
  • 1971-1975- Directed International Students and Scholars Ministry for American Baptist Churches of Los Angeles
  • In 1974, he spoke in defense of Christian Faith and the Contemporary Academic Quest for Truth, within the universities of England, Scotland, France and Italy. In 1979 he engaged the students in the universities of Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Japan and Thailand at the invitation of the Asian Evangelical student body.
  • 1975-1981 Appointed American Baptist Chaplain at University Of Southern California. Later in 1978, appointed as Baptist Pastor at Campus Chapel at University Of California at Los Angeles.
  • 1981-1986- Director of Ministries in Higher Education for American Baptist Churches of Los Angeles and American Baptist Churches of Pacific Southwest. In this capacity, Rev. Chetti coordinated 8 University Chaplains in, California, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii.
  • 1986-1994 Director of Division of Public Mission and Congregational Renewal and Development In this capacity Rev. Chetti, developed and executed Contextual Congregational Ministry Resources, Trans-cultural Leadership Development, Cross –cultural Ministries, Church Restarts.
  • I989-1999, he served as the Adjunct Professor at University Of Southern California.
  • 1994- to present.. Executive Minister/ CEO, of American Baptist Churches of Los Angeles, South-West and Hawaii.

As an Executive Minister He served on several denominational committees and advisory groups including Chairman of the American Baptist Higher Education Team; Metro Christian Education Team, Public Mission Team, and the Evangelism and Renewal Team. He also served on the Denominational Restructuring Task Force. He currently serves on the Regional Executive Ministers Council and the General Executive Council of American Baptist Churches of U.S.A Dr. Chetti holds degrees in Bio-Chemistry, Astrophysics, and Comparative Religions and Theology. His post graduate studies are in the area of business administration and management. In 1989, he was awarded Doctor Of Divinity, by The American Baptist Seminary of the West. Rev. Chetti, was engaged in Contextual Sabbatical experiences in Eastern Europe, Southern Africa, Australia and New Zealand, studying Baptist Church life and Mission.

He is married to Carolyn Chilton Chetti. They have one daughter, Darshana Leah. The Chettis are members of Evergreen Baptist Church, LA. Dr. Chetti is a frequent plenary speaker and workshop leader throughout the country. His passion in ministry is to dialogue and engage with university students and young adults with the wisdom and the claims of the Kingdom of God.