We are just days out…

…from the start of the Seek God for the City prayer season! This 40 days of prayer will set your heart on a journey of hope and expectation that God will fulfill His word and bring forth that which He desires in our cities and communities. These are not the days to either shrink back in fear or settle for “this is as good as it gets.” Let’s press on together in united faith and certainty that God hears the cries of His people for His will, not ours, to be done, and for His transformation and blessing to come forth in these days.

‪The Seek God app is another great way to pray using your smartphone or tablet. Many people get both the printed booklet and the app to encourage them to pray through the prayers. The app links you to Operation World and to the beautifully done Prayercast videos. The app can be downloaded directly from your app store for both Apple and Android devices.

‪We are excited about what our God is doing and will do in our families, churches, cities and communities. We encourage you to join in in this time of united, expectant prayer. Let’s keep watching and waiting in faithful hope in our God. We Pray Better Together

Over 150,000 believers from many hundreds of churches will be praying the prayers in the SGFC prayer booklet.

Booklets available at our Book Table

The suggested donation is $3.00 but we will accept any donation.

In difficult times we tend to pray “fix-it” prayers to get back to what we remember as normal.  But now is the time to pray “fulfill-it-all” prayers that cry out in hope for God to accomplish all that He has promised to do.  There must yet come a day in which the gospel has come to all peoples and places.  The urgency of our day is indeed moving us to pray with desperation.  But let the expectancy of Christ’s promised glory in an evangelized world ignite you heart with the life- giving passion of hope.

Pray As You Go

Download the seek God 2019 app on your tablet or smartphone.  The app contains all the scriptures, prayers and helpful material as the booklet.  The app makes it even more flexible and accessible.  Learn more at www.waymakers.org.

A Children’s Version

Download the Kid’s version in “pdf” format at no cost.  It’s a great resource to engage kids in the prayer adventure.  Find it at www.waymakers.org