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What in the World is Going On?: The Great Evacuation


The Great Evacuation: 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18. The Bible tells us a day is coming when millions of people will be “evacuated” from this world in an instant. This event is called the Rapture and it will be a time of chaos never before experienced on this earth. In this message Pastor Barry will share what […]

What in the World is Going On?: The Rise of Radical Islam


The Rise of Radical Islam: I Peter 3:9; Matthew 5:44. 58% of Americans indicate that they know either “not very much” or “nothing” about the Muslim religion, yet Islam is the fastest growing religion in America. Today there are 7 million Muslims, in the USA, half of them American Born. For that reason this message is relevant […]

What in the World is Going On?: A Crude Awakening


A Crude Awakening: Luke 12:54-56. Jesus said we should discern our times. (Luke 12:54-56). If we are to discern our times, we are going to have to understand the role that oil plays. Who controls the world’s oil supply?  Who consumes the world’s oil supply? Oil is driving the driving force behind the emergence of prophetic alliances taking place […]