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Whom Do You Serve?


Matthew 6:24​. In our text today Jesus says we have two options, we can serve God or we can serve money. Jesus gave money a Semitic name: “Mammon.” It shows Jesus understood that money is not simply an object. By naming money Mammon, He personalized money. Jesus understood that money is a living power, a […]

HEROES: Elijah


I Kings18:24. The prophet Elijah was sent with a warning about idolatry to King Ahab. The first two of the Ten Commandments deal with idolatry. There are more than a thousand verses that speak to it. It’s one of only four commandments that has the death penalty attached to it. So, it’s obvious God takes […]

“HEROES”; Jeremiah


Jeremiah 2:9-13.  Jeremiah has a tender heart. When he’s preaching, he’s not doing it with “hell’s fire and brimstone.” He’s called “the weeping prophet,” because he knows the judgement that’s coming so he pleads with God’s people in tears because they refuse to listen. In the life of Hezekiah, we saw what brings the blessing […]