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Fear Easter Not the Pandemic


Mark 16:1-8.  The women who first witnessed the empty tomb were fearful. Pastor Barry shares why they were afraid and suggests we should be more afraid of Easter than we are the pandemic. Yes, there are reasons to fear Easter but for each of those reasons there is a flip side that causes that fear […]

How to Keep On Keeping On


Hebrews 12:1-2. Do you ever feel like you’re running on empty? In this sermon Pastor Barry shares 3 “pills” you can take from the “pharmacy” of God’s Word that will boost your energy and endurance. SERMON BEGINS AT 17:08

Triumph Over Temptation


Luke 4:1-13. One of the negative impacts of the pandemic has been more people struggling with, and yielding to, temptation. One of Satan’s most effective weapons, when it comes to temptation, is discouragement. Who among us has not felt discouraged in these past few weeks? Days? If you haven’t by some chance get ready, temptation […]

Don’t Give Up


Psalm 27:14. To handle the difficult and discouraging times in your life you need to understand what it means to wait on God. Waiting is not passive; it is not just sitting by idly twiddling your thumbs. There are important ways to be engaged even as we wait. Pastor Barry uses the acrostic W A […]



Job 19:23-25.  Although the book of Job deals with suffering it is more a presentation of the process Job goes through while dealing with his suffering.  He identifies the source of his suffering. He confronts his suffering.  Job’s triumph was not in the last chapter when God restores his wealth. Job’s triumph was the affirmation […]

HEROES; Daniel


Daniel 11:32b. Daniel is living in a deteriorating society, the decline of Israel. But there in the midst of bad news, gloom and doom, Daniel says that even in a society that has no respect for God and the social structures are deteriorating…The people who know their God shall do great exploits, and in doing […]