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Whom Do You Serve?


Matthew 6:24​. In our text today Jesus says we have two options, we can serve God or we can serve money. Jesus gave money a Semitic name: “Mammon.” It shows Jesus understood that money is not simply an object. By naming money Mammon, He personalized money. Jesus understood that money is a living power, a […]

Do You Love Your Neighbor?


Luke 10:25-37.  What about it? Do you love your neighbor? You might respond by saying, “Well, that depends on who my neighbor is”. Who is your neighbor? Jesus answers that question by telling a story. Your neighbor is anyone whose need you see and whose need you’re in a position to meet. In today’s sermon […]

Guest Speaker Dennis Gaddis – Be Strong; And Do It!


Guest Speaker Dennis Gaddis. I Chronicles 28:9-10. God has something for us to do and in this sermon Dennis will share four things that will help us do it and do it well. 1. Get to know God for ourselves. 2. Do it with a blameless heart & willing mind. 3. Understand that God knows […]