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What is God Saying to America Today?


Luke 3:1-16. Many have speculated that because of all that America has been going through these past several months God may be trying to get our attention and has something to say to our nation. It feels like the United States is stuck. Have you ever felt like you were in a rut and you […]

Guest Speaker: Cris Pangaribuan


John 10:27.  Cris is the pastor of Journey of Faith Fellowship. Cris was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Born into a Christian family he served the Lord in the children and youth ministries.  He then moved to the USA after high school to pursue his music passion.   During that time his life’s direction […]

“HEROES”; Jeremiah


Jeremiah 2:9-13.  Jeremiah has a tender heart. When he’s preaching, he’s not doing it with “hell’s fire and brimstone.” He’s called “the weeping prophet,” because he knows the judgement that’s coming so he pleads with God’s people in tears because they refuse to listen. In the life of Hezekiah, we saw what brings the blessing […]

When God is Silent


Luke 3:1-22. Have you ever been stuck?  Have you ever felt like you were in a rut and you couldn’t get out? When you’re stuck how do you get unstuck?  You need God to show up, but God doesn’t just show up. Preparation is needed and John the Baptist was sent to prepare the way. The way […]