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Crystal Lancaster shares a message about success.  Success as measured by God involves obedience and faithfulness.​ SERMON BEGINS AT 17:30

“HEROES”; King Asa


I Kings 12:8-11. After Solomon died the nation of Israel divided. The ten tribes that were in the north aligned themselves under a man by the name of Jeroboam, and they became known as Israel. At the same time, the tribes of Judah and Benjamin down in the south were loyal to their leader Rehoboam, […]

“HEROES”: Moses


Exodus 3:7-10. Though raised and educated in Pharaoh’s household Moses is banished from Egypt and lives for forty years among the Israelites as a shepherd. But while he’s out tending sheep one day, he sees this bush that is burning but not being consumed and so he goes to check it out and God speaks […]

Guest Joao Nascimento – Taking Our Limitations to Jesus!


Recording Part 1… Recording Part 2…   Guest Speaker Joao Nascimento. Matthew 6:30-34. We all have a calling, and are important in God’s plan to expand His Kingdom. Pastor João will share things that will help us to take all our assets to Jesus. 1. Everyone who serves on God’s harvest has seen the work […]

Guest David Pak – Does Man Live by Bread Alone?


Guest Speaker David Pak. Deuteronomy 29:1-9. Bread (daily provision) is certainly necessary to all humans, but those who live for it alone are like animals. It is not an overstatement to say that animals live for bread alone. But for the people of God what is more important than bread is to meet God and […]

Guest Speaker Dennis Gaddis – Be Strong; And Do It!


Guest Speaker Dennis Gaddis. I Chronicles 28:9-10. God has something for us to do and in this sermon Dennis will share four things that will help us do it and do it well. 1. Get to know God for ourselves. 2. Do it with a blameless heart & willing mind. 3. Understand that God knows […]