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Where Does God Hang Out?


Isaiah 57:1. There are some places where God is more likely to be found. The prophet Isaiah under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit says there is a place where God dwells. We tend to want to meet God on our terms, on middle ground that is comfortable, but Isaiah cautions not to take God […]

Mixing Prayer and Politics


I Timothy 2:1-2.  As we get closer to November in this election year the political debate and rhetoric is intensifying. There are those who say religion and politics don’t mix, but in the wake of the Democratic Convention and the Republican Convention coming up Pastor Barry says they must mix and challenges Christian citizens to […]

100% Pure


Proverbs 6:16-19. We know God is interested in purity.  He is concerned with holiness. We are to live pure, holy lives.  Often when the discussion turns to holiness we talk about external things to prove how pure we are.  Those external things are, quite often, insignificant because God is more concerned about internal things…what’s inside. […]