Psalm 27:14. To handle the difficult and discouraging times in your life you need to understand how God works (we talked about this last week) but then you need to learn to wait on God. But “waiting” is not passive. Waiting on the Lord is not just sitting by idly twiddling your thumbs. There are important ways to be engaged even as we wait. Pastor Barry uses the acrostic W A I T to share four specific things that define what it means to “wait upon the Lord.”



“got faith”: How do you keep believing even after you’ve been knocked down time and time again? To dream big dreams for God takes courage because there’s always the possibility of failure. Dreaming can open you up for disappointments, even ridicule, when that happens we are tempted to abandon our dreams. Do you want a faith that keeps on keeping on? In this series Pastor Barry shares the keys to persistent faith.