Jeremiah 29:11. Great dreams come from discovering God’s dream for your life…His purpose for creating you. When you commit yourself to a great dream it draws something out of you and helps you become more than you would have been without it.  God uses dreams in our lives to direct us, shape us, define us and bless us & others.  After you come to know Jesus Christ, nothing is more important, than coming to know God’s dream for your life.  It’s the reason you exist, It’s your purpose for being here. So how do I discover God’s dream for your life? Pastor Barry uses the acrostic D R E A M to help you answer that question.



“got faith”: How do you keep believing even after you’ve been knocked down time and time again? To dream big dreams for God takes courage because there’s always the possibility of failure in achieving those dreams. Dreaming can open you up for disappointments, even ridicule, when that happens we are tempted to abandoned our dreams. Do you want a faith that keeps on keeping on? In this series Pastor Barry shares the keys to persistent faith.