The Invisible War: Pray



Many believers have no idea how much of their daily lives are influenced by the subtle deception and lies of our adversary. The Bible clearly teaches that Satan is on mission to destroy God’s people. And the problem is, Satan doesn’t announce his temptations and schemes. Instead, he’s very secretive as he attempts to lead Christians down a subtle, gradual path of deception. How can you defend yourself? How can you win this invisible war? In The Invisible War Sermon Series Pastor Barry shares what every believer needs to know about spiritual warfare in order to defend themselves against Satan’s daily attacks, and have the confidence of winning the invisible war.

Ephesians 6:18. The battleground for this invisible war, is largely between your ears…the attack is on your mind. The Bible tells us our enemy is…the father of lies. He is a deceiver. He casts doubt on God. He casts doubt on His word. In this message Pastor Barry shares that it is when we pray that we engage in spiritual warfare and demolish destructive strongholds.

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