Genesis 4:1-16. The first news story in the Bible is “Cain Slays Abel”. Cain and Abel were brothers. They grew up together building forts, carving their initials in the trunks of trees, swimming in the river. As young men they built their altars to offer their praise and thanks to God. One is accepted the other rejected. Abel makes the team, but Cain is cut from the roster. That’s the jungle where envy lurks. Cain lives in your soul as he lives in mine. Pastor Barry shares three pathways we walk where we must be especially alert for Envy, and the only antidote when we are infected.

Sunday Bulletin

Sermon Notes: 

Maui Musings Sermon Series

The news since August has been largely dominated by the tragedy in Lahaina, Maui.  The Lahaina wildfire was one of four blazes that broke out on Aug. 8, scorching a combined 10.4 square miles. More than 2,700 structures were destroyed. The death toll is staggering. Immediately following the tragedy, the questions began. Why?  How could it have been prevented? Who’s to blame?  Some of those who were directly affected by this tragedy may have ultimately asked, why did God allow it?  In this Mini-Sermon Series, Pastor Barry contemplates the questions raised by this tragedy and in thoughtful reflections offers hope for those rebuilding their lives.