10-04-15. Philippians 1:1-11. If you want to be happy Philippians is a good place to start. Paul talks a lot about relationships. That’s important because it is impossible to be happy while your relationships are unhappy. If your relationships are unhappy, your life is going to be unhappy. The first eleven verses of Philippians are about healthy relationships. Paul make four statements that are descriptive of his relationship with the people of Philippi. They are keys that lead to more healthy, joy-full relationships. They are easy to explain, and simple to understand, but they are hard to do.  When you hear them your immediate response will be, “Oh I know that.”  Duh!  But here’s the kicker…you know it, but you don’t do it, because it’s very hard for us to put these simple, easy to understand habits into practice. Thankfully Paul doesn’t just tell us about them, he models them for us.