Matthew 29:18-20; John 7:17. In the Great Commission, Jesus said we are to make disciples. He didn’t say make converts. It’s not enough that people are saved. We are to reproduce ourselves in the lives of others. Discipleship is all about spiritual reproduction. There’s a great omission the way we read the Great Commission; the words “to obey”. “…teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you”. In today’s sermon Pastor Barry affirms our obligation doesn’t stop with our own spiritual development. Our obligation is to bring someone alongside us and pour ourselves into that person helping them to a mature faith.

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Why do we exist as a Church? It is important that we, as members of FBCH have a common understanding to this question. That answer provides the foundation, motivation and direction for everything we do. It’s our “true north”. Vibrant healthy churches have a clear identity. In this series, “Our Core Values”, Pastor Barry will be sharing what we are all about as a Church… what we value most…what we believe is most important.