John 1:41-42. Andrew had a heart for ministry, his was a servant’s heart. He faithfully served the Lord but didn’t get a lot of credit for it. In today’s sermon Pastor Barry shares three things that Andrew seemed to understand that the other disciples didn’t seem to grasp as clearly. Andrew understood the value of people, invisible ministry, and every spiritual gift. God has given each of us a spiritual gift for the purpose of blessing others.  If you are not involved in ministry, using the gifts God gave you, you are hurting the body of Christ and missing out on a blessing.

Sunday Bulletin

Sermon Notes: 


Why do we exist as a Church? It is important that we, as members of FBCH have a common understanding to this question. That answer provides the foundation, motivation and direction for everything we do. It’s our “true north”. Vibrant healthy churches have a clear identity. In this series, “Our Core Values”, Pastor Barry will be sharing what we are all about as a Church… what we value most…what we believe is most important.