Maui Musings. Is God Really Good All the Time? (2). 


Psalm 16:1-2.  When we forget or doubt God’s goodness there are some negative consequences that come into our lives. We need to understand this, so we can avoid them. We looked at the first negative consequence in the previous sermon, You start claiming credit for things that God did for you. In this sermon Pastor Barry shares #2 You stop asking God for help; #3 You stop trusting God in difficult times, and #4. You become pessimistic about the future.

Sunday Bulletin

Sermon Notes: 

The news since August has been largely dominated by the tragedy in Lahaina, Maui.  The Lahaina wildfire was one of four blazes that broke out on Aug. 8, scorching a combined 10.4 square miles. More than 2,700 structures were destroyed. The death toll is staggering. Immediately following the tragedy, the questions began. Why?  How could it have been prevented? Who’s to blame?  Some of those who were directly affected by this tragedy may have ultimately asked, why did God allow it?  In this Mini-Sermon Series, Pastor Barry contemplates the questions raised by this tragedy and in thoughtful reflections offers hope for those rebuilding their lives.