Genesis 2:15. Three out of four people go to a job they’re not fitted for, called for, excited about or satisfied in.  To many American workers work is a necessary evil. Their goal is Friday and when they reach it they TGIF––thank God it’s Friday.  How does God view work? God created work not as punishment but as a means by which you express your unique calling as God’s co-worker. Our work is to flow from God’s unique design and purpose for our lives.  It’s not about what you think will make you happy. It’s not about how much money you can make. When we understand work is a calling, and all work is sacred it will change the attitude about your job. Your neighborhood and your job is your primary vineyard where you fulfill the work of God. You will show people more of Christ by how you live your life, how you treat fellow workers, your attitude, and the quality of your work than anything you’ll ever do in church, because 60-80 percent of your waking hours are spent where you work.