Hebrews 11:1. It seems the older we get, the more we lose our capacity to dream and imagine. What is it that causes us to give up on our goals and stop setting new ones? We encounter “Faith-Busters”.  We are in a spiritual battle.  Satan doesn’t want you to succeed and he will use anything to discourage and defeat you. In this sermon Pastor Barry identifies the certain people and circumstances in your life that Satan uses to reduce your vision, shrink your imagination and deflate your faith.



“got faith”: How do you keep believing even after you’ve been knocked down time and time again? To dream big dreams for God takes courage because there’s always the possibility of failure. Dreaming can open you up for disappointments, even ridicule, when that happens we are tempted to abandon our dreams. Do you want a faith that keeps on keeping on? In this series Pastor Barry shares the keys to persistent faith.