Genesis 24:1-58.  Once God has placed a dream in your heart one of the hardest things is getting started, so, we’re going to talk about determination.  Using a story in the old testament about one of Abraham’s servants Pastor Barry will share ten very practical steps to take to reach your dreams.  The fact that there are 10 steps means this is a process. Each step is important; you cannot skip any of these steps.  Genesis 24 talks about success more than any other chapter in the Bible and from it we will see what we need to determine to do to be successful in reaching our dreams.



“got faith”: How do you keep believing even after you’ve been knocked down time and time again? To dream big dreams for God takes courage because there’s always the possibility of failure. Dreaming can open you up for disappointments, even ridicule, when that happens we are tempted to abandon our dreams. Do you want a faith that keeps on keeping on? In this series Pastor Barry shares the keys to persistent faith.