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Acts 16:13-40;  In this first installment in our series on Philippians we’re going to look at the church Paul planted in Philippi. It’s the only Church he wrote to that he wasn’t dealing with a problem or trying to correct or modify behavior. In this letter we get a glimpse of what a mature Christian and a healthy church look like. Paul loves this church. That becomes clear in the first few verses of Philippians. To understand why we need to meet some of its first converts. As we do we will discover how God tailors His ministry to each of us according to our uniqueness and individual needs.  When we see how God works in the lives of these diverse people, bringing them into a family of faith where they love and fellowship with one another we will know without a doubt that no one is beyond the reach of the Gospel.

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Sermon Notes: 


Philippians is the most joyful book in the Bible. it is literally full of joy. The words joy, glad, enjoy, rejoice, happy & happiness are used in various forms seventeen times, and there are only four chapters!  It’s the happiest book in the Bible. What’s amazing about the happiest book of the Bible is that it was written by Paul while he was in prison in Rome which goes to show you can experience JOY NO MATTER WHAT!